MLW Fusion Alpha Recap: Richard Holliday vs. King Muertes

MLW Fusion Alpha was set to open with a Caribbean Championship match between Richard Holliday and King Muertes. That did not go as planned. Holliday’s music hits but he is nowhere to be found. As the announce team stalls for time the camera cuts to the back and Holliday is being attacked by Ikuro Kwon and Mads Krugger. The beat down lasts for a few moments before Alex Hammerstone comes in with a chair and sends Kwon and Krugger running as they want no part of the World Champion.

The announce team quickly adjusts and are joined on commentary by Willow Nightingale for a women’s featherweight division.

Nicole Savoy vs. Holidead

Collar and elbow tie to start the match. Holidead muscles Savoy to the corner turnbuckle and there is a surprise clean break. Savoy shows off her grappling skills as she takes Holidead to the mat. This is a real technical start to the match. Savoy showing off some serious moves. Savoy uses a hurricanrana to push Holidead outside the ring. Savoy, not wanting Holidead to regain her composure, catches her with a suicide dive on the outside. The two roll back into the ring where Savoy hits Holidead with a side suplex. Holidead manages to get control of the match and locks Savoy in a modified surfboard submission. Savoy gets to the ropes forcing the referee to break. After the break the two exchange strikes and both land headbutts at the same time. The double headbutt sends them to the mat. The referee starts his 10-count but both manage to get to their feet. On their way up the two exchange hard chops that turn into forearm strikes. Savoy gets the best of the exchange by landing a surprise knee to the gut of Holidead. After the knee, Savoy lands with a nice double underhook suplex. As Holidead gets back to her feet she is met with a hard German suplex. Nice suplex combo from Savoy. Holidead recovers and puts Savoy through a back breaker combo and gets a two-count. Savoy hits Holidead with a nice dragon suplex but only gets a tw-count. After an exchange on the mat Savoy attempts a triangle choke. Holidead tries to escape but cannot. After a brief transition, Savoy locks in a variation of a LeBell Lock. Holidead has no other choice but to submit.

Winner by submission: Nicole Savoy

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After the match, Holidead attacks Nightingale near the top of the stage. She hits her hard with a chain wrapped fist.

The announce team cuts to the back area where Richard Holliday is talking to Alicia Atout. Holliday says he is okay to fight after the attack on him earlier. The announce team states that Holliday will be wrestling against doctor’s advice.

Opera Cup Opening Round: Matt Cross vs. Calvin Tankman (King Mo on special commentary)

Cross tries his best to cause dagame against the much bigger Tankman. Cross lands a flying head scissors and uses his speed to attack Tankman. Tankman goes to the outside and Cross lands a suicide dive. Cross cannot capitalize and Tankman regains his composure. Crossman tries charges at Tankman but he gets flicked off like an insect. Tankman landed a heavy offense against Cross including a body slam and a huge body splash. Cross recuperates and lands some hard kicks and does his best to avoid Tankman’s heavy strikes. Cross lands a hard double stomp from the top robe. Tankman rolls to the outside. Cross makes the mistake of trying an over-the-top rope dive but Tankman catches him and powerbombs him on the apron. This changes the course of the match. Cross tries to muster a last of offense before Tankman turns him inside out with a clothesline. Tankman follows that up with an elbow shot to the back of Cross’ head and covers him for the 1-2-3.

Winner by pinfall: Calvin Tankman

Cross is stopped for an interview as he heads back up the ramp. Cross accuses Tankman of poking him in the eye and that is what caused him to lose the match. He states that everyone in the arena saw it and knows he won that match.

The camera cuts to a pre-taped interview with Bud Heavy. Heavy puts over the people in Philadelphia and equates the feeling of wrestling in front of that crowd to that of drinking his first beer. Before he can finish his sentence a figure in skeleton masks comes up behind Alicia Atout and whispers something in her ear. Alicia immediately cuts the interview short and walks away leaving Heavy confused.

Emilio Sparks’ Dirty Dug Up finds former champion Jacob Fatu angry and upset about having lost the championship to Alex Hammerstone. Fatu screams that the loss was a fluke and that he will get his revenge at the War Chamber.

The camera cuts to a pre-taped segment. We are inside Cesar Duran’s office. Alicia Atout enters. It was one of Duran’s men who summoned Atout to his office during the Bud Heavy interview. Duran accuses Atout of showing bias in her reporting towards the Dynasty. Atout defends herself and her reporting. Duran offers her a front row seat to the main event of Holliday vs. Muertes. Atout accepts.

IWA Caribbean Championship: Richard Holliday vs. King Muertes

Holliday makes his way to the ring and he is holding his ribs. After a brief stare down the two lock horns in collar and elbow tie up. After a break the two exchange chops. Muertes hits Holliday with a hard spear and follows it up with strikes on the mat. Muertes lands hard chops on the chest of Holliday. Muertes gains control early in the match. The camera cuts to a smiling Duran at ringside. Atout looks worried for Holliday. Muertes continues to put the punishment on Holliday with hard chops. Holliday reverses an irish whip and lands some chops. He goes for a suplex but Muertes blocks it and sends Holliday over the top rope with a clothesline. Muertes continues to punish Holliday on the outside, right in front of Duran and Atout. Muertes rolls Holliday back in the ring and goes for a super-plex. Holliday blocks it and hits Muertes with a flying forearm. Holliday’s offense is short lived as Muertes regains control of the match. Holliday begs Muertes to stop as he lays on the mat. That is just a ploy to get Muertes closer as Holliday lands a hard right hand. Holliday picks up Muertes for a torture rack and turns it into a spinning neck breaker. Holliday gets only a 2-count. Members of the Sentai Death Squad come down the ramp and make their way close to the ring. Holliday takes notice and rolls out to confront one of the members. The distraction is costly for Holliday as he is hit with a spinning back kick from Ikuro Kwon. Muertes follows that up with a Straight to Hell on the concrete. Muertes rolls Holliday back into the ring for the easy 1-2-3.

Winner and new IWA Caribbean Champion: King Muertes


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