MLW Fusion Alpha Recap; Richards vs. Lawlor, Tankman vs. Moriarty, Hammer’s future

We are one week removed from the biggest event in MLW history with FIghtland, and now Fusion is here keeping the action going. Alex Hammerstone, is nursing an injured leg after his bout with Jacob Fatu, but the double champ entered Cesar Duran’s office because he had a decision to make. Hammerstone stated that winning the National Open Weight Championship was the biggest honor of his life, until he took the Heavyweight Title from Jacob Fatu. Hammerstone doesn’t feel right holding two belts, so he is relinquishing his National Title. After numerous threats from Contra, Hammerstone and Duran made the decision to have a match between Contra Unit vs Alex Hammerstone, Richard Holliday and a wrestler to be named later at War Chamber in November,

Our first match up brings us, the king of heavyweight hustle himself, Calvin Tankman vs Lee Moriarty. The size difference in this match up almost isn’t fair, but Moriarty was throwing everything he could at Tankman, but he just could never get any significant offense going. Tankman’s ability to counter moves and hit slams is uncanny, and the speed that he has just isn’t normal for a man of his size.  Moriarty was hoping to get some home town love being from Pittsburgh, but the Philly crowd was behind Tankman, and after multiple slams and suplexes, Lee had to succumb and Tankman came away with the victory. Just as Tankman was walking up the ramp, King Mo and Alex Kane came out to talk about how impressive Tankman is, and they offered him a position with American Top Team, Tankman did not give them an answer, but he said he will think about it. If Heavyweight Hustle teams up with The Suplex Assassin and the rest of American Top Team, MLW wrestlers will need to step their game up big time.

Our next bout takes us back to the Women’s Featherweight Division where Brittany Blake meets up against the other half of the Sea Stars Delmi Exo. The second fight in this division was just as amazing as the first. Brittany Blake came out hard and strong against Exo trying what she could to get under Exo’s skin. Exo proving to be the more technical wrestler, was able to counter almost everything that Blake was throwing at her, and hit some very textbook suplexes. Exo was able to stay in the drivers seat in this match as she continued to establish her dominance  and came away with an impressive win. If I were playing match maker in MLW I would be setting up a match between Nightingale vs Exo, that would be one amazing match up.

Now on to our main event of the evening, it’s the opening round of the Opera Cup and we will be seeing the former Opera Cup winner Filthy Tom Lawlor Taking on The American Wolf Davey Richards. These two men have never faced off against each other before, but their journeys are incredibly similar seeing as they both fought in MMA and Pro Wrestling. Tom Lawlor was trying to play the submission game early, but Richards was able to reverse and Tom had to change his plan of attack. After a drop toe hold puts Richards down, Lawlor started to target Richards shoulder with submission holds to soften Richards up. The wrestlers took the match to the outside, where Lawlor used the ring post to keep going after that already hurt arm of Richards from Lawlor’s submission attempts. As the battle of grappling wits continued, Tom Lawlor sank in a really tight guillotine, as Tom was trying to force his back to the mat to sink the neck choke in tighter, Richards was able to grab Tom’s foot and secure an ankle lock. As the two men are exhausted and beaten up, Richards gets one last burst of energy to jump to the top rope for the Foot Stomp finisher and he hits it, but Tom Lawlor kicked out and right into another ankle lock in the center of the ring. Some how Lawlor was able to reverse the lock in to a triangle choke, and then he was able to transition into an Oma Plata trying to continue to crank on the injured shoulder of Richards. Richards was able to get out and secure the ankle lock for the last time, and Filthy Tom couldn’t fight through and submits losing the opening round of the Opera Cup


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