MLW Fusion: Davey Richards vs Bobby Fish Recap and Results

It’s Wednesday night and MLW Fusion is back to bring you some massive and intense matches. With War Chamber just a mere 7 days away, most of these athletes are chomping at the bit to get to one another. Our opening scene is of Ej Nduka, Hammerstone and Richard Holliday backstage, when Cesar Duran approaches them to talk about their needed addition for Team Hammerheads at War Chamber. When the 3 men let Cesar Duran know exactly how they feel about him, Cesar tries to explain to them that he wants to help them win and get Contra out of MLW once and for all. Cesar always being the showman, would not reveal to them who he wants their last teammate to be, and the camera cuts out and takes us to our first match.

5150 w/ Konnan & Julius Smoke vs Los Parks

Even though these teams are set to meet up at War Chamber, they just could help but throw hands for the fans tonight on Fusion. Los Parks enters the ring first, but there is some one missing. LA Parks does not come out to the ring, which is very suspicious but as they say the show must go on. As 5150 walks down the ramp, the crowd goes wild and the match is set to being. All 4 men are in the ring at the start neither team getting the upper hand due to reversals and counters in the corners. Slice Boogie and Danny Limelight begin to take over all the momentum and are giving the tag team champs some serious issues. During the match, music hits and out walks HOMICIDE!!! It is being eluded that Homicide is the reason that La Park didn’t come out with the rest of Los Parks, but La Park follows Homicide to the ring and now we have our 3 on 3 tag match. With their full team together, Los Parks begin their high flying moves on 5150 and seem to have all the momentum in their favor. Los Parks tries setting up a ringboard in the corner to put Slice Boogie through. But Slice ususes the big boot, and slams Los Parks right through the ring board. Julius and La Park face off, La Park has his famous chair while Julius has his slap jack. After they leave the ring it’s up to Danny Limelight and Homicide to try and win this match up as Slice Boogie and Julius are down on the outside of the ring. After Homicide hits a high flying flip to Los Parks on the outside, Slice and La Park get in the ring but all hell brakes lose on the outside and the fight spreads from the ramp all the way to back stage.

No Winner

12 Man Survival Tag Match: EJ Nduka, Richard Holliday, Savio Vega, The Blue Meanie, Warhorse and Zenshi vs Ikuro Kwon, KC Navarro, King Mo, Gino Medina, Kevin Ku, and The Beastman w/ Kim Chee

In the mother of all melee matches, a 12 man survival takes the cake. With Legends and up and coming MLW star’s all getting to rumble in one match you just can’t help contain your excitement. The matchup beings with Warhorse and Kevin Ku, with both men swinging knife edge chops to the chest, Warhorse hits an amazing dropkick to Ku’s chest but the crafty Ku begins to take over and beats Warhorse by Pinfall. Ej Nduka enters the ring and beings to clean house. With incredible strength, Ej just picks his opponents with ease and smashes them to the mat with a thunderous sound that can be heard all the way in Jersey. Richard Holliday wants in on the action, so Nduka tags him in, and KC Navarro gets tagged in to continue the action. Navarro is amazing the crow with high flying acrobatics seemed to be too much for Holliday and Zenshi gets brought in. Navarro and Zenshi are having a Japanese style. High flying match right now, but Zenshi begins to take  over and Navarro tags in The Beastman. With one slam, Beastman pins Zenshi easily, and now Savio Vega comes in with his Kendo stick, but for some reason the referee takes it away from him distracting Savio who gets slammed by Beastman to get pinned, So far it looks like Beastman will be the one to beat. The Blue Meanie enters the ring doing his patented dance moves, the two men start sumo wrestling in the ring, only for the Meanie to trick Beastman into the corner, but Meanie’s offense is stifled as Beastman jumps on Meanie to get the pin. EJ Nduka comes in the ring line a house on fire, and is taking it to Beastman, Kim Chee tries jumping off the top rope, but Nduka catches him and Beastman runs into Chee in the corner only to be slammed and pinned by EJ. Nduka tags in Holliday to face off against Gino Medina, and Medina is showing off his impressive in ring skills but Holliday being the crafty veteran gets the fight to the outside of the ring and up the ramp. As he beings to run back into the ring, Holliday gets superkicked by Ikuro Kwon and now its up to EJ Nduka to beat all 3 of these men. With the heart of a lion and the strength of Bigfoot, Nduka picks up each member slamming them and getting the pin to win the match

Winner: EJ Nduka, Richard Holliday, Savio Vega, The Blue Meanie, Warhorse and Zenshi

Opera Cup Semi-Finals: Davey Richards vs Bobby Fish

You couldn’t pick a better match up than these two combatants. Davey Richards and Bobby Fish are almost the exact same style wrestler and both had very similar paths in their careers. The two men stalk each other in the middle of the ring, when Fish extends out a fist bump to show his respect for Richards and the match begins. Both men using classic wrestling holds and escapes to begin the match, and Bobby Fish powders to the outside to reevaluate his game plan. Davey Richards gets Bobby back on the outside and goes for a head kick and misses, only to be knocked down on the apron and Bobby Fish begins his assault on Richards on the outside. Now back in the ring, Bobby Fish connects with an elbow only to get a one count, Richards rolls to the outside but Bobby follows him and hits him with patent kicks to the chest of Richards. Both men hit each other with elbows on the outside, but Fish counters and rolls Davey back into the ring. Davey Richards now begins to take control and hits Bobby Fish with some kicks to the mid-section, but Fish is returning with kicks of his own to Richards’ already injured legs and has Davey hurt in the corner. Bobby Fish hits Richards with a deep heel hook and Richards is in complete agony, but wills himself to get a sharpshooter on Fish. Fish reverses in a small cradle pin, but Richards kicks out. Both men are using blind instinct at this point connecting with kicks and then Richards rolls into an ankle lock but Bobby Fish reverses the hold. Fish couldn’t get away and Richards puts the ankle lock on for one final time and gets the win by submission. Davey Richards is on his way to the Opera Cup Finals at War Chamber. Davey Richards wants the crowd to show respect to Bobby Fish, and Davey extends his hand to help Fish up and embrace for a hard fought match that tore the house down.

Winner Davey Richards Submission


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