MLW: Swerve Strickland vs. Myron Reed Recap and Results

Your favorite night of the week has arrived and Fusion #135 is kicking off with tremendous action. Richard Holliday kicks off the program with a bounty on the head of Davey Richards who will be challenging Alex Hammerstone for the title. Holliday offered a briefcase full of cash to anyone who takes out Richards so Holliday can get the shot at the belt. In other action tonight, Calvin Tankman gets a shot at the Open Weight Championship belt against champion Alex Kane, The Middleweight Championship is on the line when Myron Reed, Matt Cross and a wrestler to be named later will be taking on champion Tajiri, and KC Navarro is back in action against Ho HoLun.

National Openweight Championship: Calvin Tankman vs Alex Kane(c)

These two men have been on a collision course over the past few months and couldn’t wait for the opportunity to get after each other. After Tankman refused to team up with Kane, Tankman has been attacked and gone on the offensive himself which landed him in jail and unable to participate in Mexico. The bell rings and the action startsoff heavy, but it isn’t your normal Alex Kane match due to Tankman’s size there will be no suplexes. As the match gets under way, Kane’s manager Mr. Thomas, takes out Calvin Tankman’s knee and the match is almost called off. Fueled by blind hatred, Tankman continues and gives his best efforts but can not come through with the win as Kane successfully defends his belt again.

Winner: Alex Kane

KC Navarro vs Ho Ho Lun

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KC Navarro returns to action after being put on the shelf due to injuries sustained in the attack   from Nzo and he was given an easy opponent in the Japanese favorite Ho Ho Lun.  The match begins and you can tell this is a different KC Navarro than we have ever seen. He put all his flash aside tonight and went out and just took care of business, taking control of the match from the bell. The show Navarro put on here tonight was just a small sample of what he will be bringing to the table as he made a challenge to Nzo for a grudge match. That match will be taking place in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned.

Winner: KC Navarro

Middleweight Championship: Bandito vs Myron Reed vs Matt Cross vs Tajiri

MLW has signed another amazing international talent with Bandito and have just increased the level of athleticism in the Middleweight division. These four amazing wrestlers put on one of the best displays of professional wrestling I have seen in a long time. 4- way matches are usually brutal to watch because there is just too much going on at once, but in this match these athletes told a terrific story. Myron Reed has been looking for redemption since losing his belt to Tajiri back at Fightland, meanwhile Matt Cross is hungry to have his place at the top. The match began with extreme high-flying action from Cross and Bandito, these two wrestlers were tailor made for each other. Former champion Myron Reed is focusing his attention on Tajiri, but making sure he is careful not to get hit with the green mist again, which is what lost him the belt. Tajiri, being the genius vet that he is, makes sure he powders out of the ring to let his other opponents beat each other to a pulp. Bandito is putting on a tremendous display for the MLW crowd with his amazing high spot reversals that ignite the crowd into a frenzy in Dallas. Matt Cross gained the upper hand in the majority of this match up and was able to hit a double diamond cutter on Bandito and Myron Reed, but Tajiri ran into the ring and broke up the three count. As the wresters get on their feet, Tajiri attempts to hit Myron Reed with the green mist again, but Reed cunningly puts Bandito in the way to get the mist, and then knocks Tajiri out of the ring. Taking the advantage, Matt Cross attempts a shooting star press from the top rope to land on Bandito, but Reed springs into action hitting a diamond cutter on Cross, Tajiri springs into the ring but it is too late and Myron Reed has now become the 3 time MLW Middleweight Champion. I am sure this isn’t the last we have heard from Tajiri and Myron Reed, but for now Reed has become the only multi time champion in MLW Middleweight history.

Winner: Myron Reed the new Middleweight Champion


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