MMA Fitness Schedule for Better Physique

Physical fitness and mental agility are very important for any kind of sports but combat sports and boxing require a strenuous exercise regime. The main idea is to build strength while staying fit enough to be fast during combat sports. During COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people started training at home. There have been many stories posted by online users detailing how they transformed their body. Anyone can improve overall fitness and health at any age, just perseverance and hard work are required.

Many people have been interested in following the fitness schedule of combat sports, boxing or wrestling athletes. In the long run, it is important to improve stamina and body strength.

MMA is wonderful workout for cardiovascular health. When combined with high intensity interval training (HIIT), the workout can improve physical fitness. However, the fitness schedule should be carefully followed and in the start, one should only exercise as per the physical abilities. Over straining muscles or heart can lead to troubles instead of helping. Stamina can be built up with carefully choosing diet and following regular exercise schedule. The focus should be on following the workout routines and to stress the body only within reasonable limits.

Fitness Schedules followed by Popular Celebrities

Bruce Lee is an idol for many people and he sported an agile physique with lighting speed during the movie sequences. Lee has been credited with bringing Asian martial arts in focus with his movies. As per reports, Bruce Lee used to run four miles, three days in a week. When he wasn’t running, he was skipping for 30 minutes and would cycle for 45 minutes. During running sessions, Lee would run faster for short periods and then return back to normal speed. Because martial arts need a lot of strength in the core body and abdomen, Lee followed a strict abdominal workout regime. As per John Little, Lee was regular with squats, French press, curls, triceps stretches and wrist curls.

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Chris Pratt has transformed from Parks and Recreation to wonderful physique for Guardians of the Galaxy. His workout schedule was specially designed by personal trainer Duffy Gaver. As per reports, Pratt dropped 60 pounds in six months with this strenuous workout schedule. Gaver gave Pratt two months of bodybuilding workout, followed by two months of bodybuilding and conditioning workout. The last two months included mountain biking, swimming and cardio circuits.

Among other popular celebrity workouts are Mark Wahlberg, Henry Cavill, Michael B. Jordan and Dwayne Johnson’s routine.

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Female Celebrities keep strict workout and diet plan to remain in shape

Rihanna swears by Pilates while Jennifer Lopez has her focus on core strength. Olivia Munn follows her martial arts workout religiously. Michelle Keegan follows HIIT schedule in the morning but she skips the gym. Jennifer Aniston remains fit with yoga. Kate Upton believes in strength training while Jessica Biel follows both yoga and strength training workouts. Kate Hudson enjoys low-impact strength training and easy to follow exercise regime.

In anything we do in life, it is important to have passion. If you follow your passion, you won’t feel any burden or stress in anything you do. You will even enjoy the strenuous workouts and sweating if you see the results. And, hard work will definitely bring in excellent results.

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