MMA legend Cris Cyborg discusses defining and inspiring a generation of female fighters

London – Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino, the 10-time mixed martial arts world featherweight champion and Reign Total Body Fuel ambassador, has described how the sport of MMA changed her life and how she not only wants to be a champion in the ring; but a champion of people’s hearts. 

Cyborg says in the documentary; “In Brazil, you always have to prove yourself. I was the only woman amongst 50 men (in her gym). You have to prove you’re there to work, not just there to find a boyfriend.” She continued with “When people say I fight like a man, that makes me happy. I’m here to show that women are skilled (at MMA), they can fight too. It can be beautiful.” 

The 36-year-old, from Curitiba, Brazil, has long been credited as one of MMA’s all-time greatest female athletes – being the only woman to hold an MMA grand slam champion title as well as world champion accolades across four major mixed martial arts promotions, including, most notably, her former title of featherweight UFC champion.

With a brimming trophy cabinet, Cyborg has pioneered a new wave of female empowerment – not just through her incredible run at the forefront of the MMA industry, but through her continued campaigning and charitable endeavours. Now in a raw documentary with performance energy drink partner Reign Total Body Fuel, Cyborg has detailed exactly how she has reached such heady heights.

The film explores Cyborg’s incredible ascent from an athletic young girl to the ruthless world dominator, but also examines why her story is not without its hiccups. To reach the top of her game, Cyborg overcame defeat, adversity, and debilitating battles with her mental health – all of which have engineered Cyborg into becoming the world’s best.  

 “I always tell my daughter; you have to do what you love,” said Cyborg. “And I love sports. You should never choose something to work at if it’s just about money. The people around you should help you, motivate you, but it’s deep down inside you, the thing you love, that makes the difference.” 

The documentary is the second feature in a three-part series by Reign Total Body Fuel as part of their #ReadyToReign campaign – a series that focuses on the inspirational stories of top-class athletes from unlikely backgrounds.  

#ReadytoReign is a mindset and sets out to show that anything is possible – embodying Reign’s brand ethos of pushing harder, driving yourself further and never letting up until you reach your goal. 

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