MMA Promotion Scuffle Combat Breaks New Ground

JOHANNESBURG, Gauteng – Scuffle Combat is stretching the creative boundaries of MMA. It’s the first African MMA promotion to collaborate with a rap artist on a music album that captures the essence of mixed martial arts.

Lazarus, also known as Laroyal Leeroy, joins forces with Scuffle on a mission to create a unique soundscape. Through the music, Lazarus taps into the fighting spirit that marks the intensity of the combat sport. He puts into words what fighters put into punches and delivers a technical knockout. Locked and fully loaded with blazing lyrics, Lazarus sets the cage on fire with Scuffle of Life.

The Scuffle of Life album is the first of its kind. No other promotion has invested in the full scope of MMA or its creative expressions. Such is the vision of the CEO of Scuffle, Jason Van Schalkwyk: “Scuffle supports all kinds of artists. Mixed martial arts is still an art form and it’s very much intertwined with storytelling and music.”

The album is earmarked for the forthcoming MMA docu-reality series, produced by Scuffle Media, where eight hopeful MMA fighters compete and document their personal journeys in a bid to be called champion.

It is Lazarus’ own background in MMA that delivers this thought-provoking and blood-pumping soundtrack. As a previous amateur MMA fighter, he echoes Jason’s sentiments that “MMA is a very honorable sport, fighters have a lot of respect for each other, it’s an art at the end of the day.”

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Not only does he love the sport, Lazarus believes that “MMA is healing, you’re fighting opponents that you don’t see as opponents, you see them as yourself. You’re fighting battles within yourself” [while inside the cage].

With Scuffle of Life, MMA finally has a battle cry. Now, cue the music, the fights are about to start. You can subscribe to all the audio platforms by going here.


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