Bahrain: The Finals of the MMA Super Cup take place tomorrow, 12 March, at Khalifa Sports City in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The action will begin following an Opening Ceremony at 14:30 (UTC+3) local time.

The finals will see Ireland face-off against Bahrain with the winning team taking home $100,000 and the MMA Super Cup and the second placing team receiving $75,000. Mexico and Kazakhstan will battle it out in a bronze medal match with the winner taking home $50,000. The prize money is intended for sport development within the winning nations.

The MMA Super Cup Finals is available for subscribers to watch live at to determine who is the greatest in amateur MMA. 



56.7kg f   Mexico: Violeta Mendoza Corral vs Kazakhstan: Ayan Tursyn

[61.2 kg f  No fight – Kazakhstan: Antonina Kotlyarevskaya def Mexico via bye]    

61.2 kg m   Mexico: Jorge Cobos Marin vs Kazakhstan: Zhanibek Tynyshtyk

65.8 kg m   Mexico: Anthony Ramirez Amado vs Kazakhstan: Anatoliy Zolotykh

70.3 kg m   Mexico: Gerardo Quintana vs Kazakhstan: Neimat Assadov

[77.1 kg m   No fight – Kazakhstan: Zhaxybek Aimakhanov def Mexico via bye]

[83.9 kg m   No fight – Kazakhstan: Vakhid Timerbiyev def Mexico via bye]

93 kg m   Mexico: Miguel Angel Serna Castro vs Kazakhstan: Alik Domnich

120.2kg m  Mexico: Daniel Flores Sartorius vs Kazakhstan: Rassul Khatayev

56.7kg f   Ireland: Eabha Cruise vs Bahrain: Bianca Basilio

61.2 kg f   Ireland: Kerry Ann Vernon vs Bahrain: Sabrina Laurentina de Souza

[61.2 kg m   Bahrain: Abdulla Mubarak def. Ireland via bye]

65.8 kg m   Ireland: Jordan Bradshaw vs Bahrain: Haji Mohamed Ali

70.3 kg m   Ireland: Lewis Byrne vs Bahrain: Kurban Idrisov

77.1 kg m   Ireland: Jordan Furey vs Bahrain: Magomed Isaev

83.9 kg m   Ireland: Cameron Clements vs Bahrain: Ramazan Gitinov

93 kg m   Ireland: Dennis Perry vs Bahrain: Gadzhi Gadzhiev

120.2kg m   Ireland: Gustavo Lopez vs Bahrain: Sultan Gapizov


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