MMAPlay365 Introduces Game Changer To MMA Betting Predictions

UK – MMAPLAY 365 is excited to announce a new addition to their predictions and betting advice service. All bets are on for MMA fights and chances have multiplied thanks to the Bayes Artificial Intelligence prediction software, developed by MMAPlay365. 

The AI prediction software will help gamblers gain an edge when betting online, as it uses advanced technology and algorithms to provide in-depth prediction percentages for every UFC fight on every UFC event. The programming code and algorithms forecast which fighters will win and lose, how the fighters will win/lose (i.e. Knockout, Submission or Decision) and what round the fight will end combined with how the fighters will win and lose (i.e. Fighter A by Knockout in Round 2). 

Bayes AI is capable of factoring in thousands upon thousands of data points and with it put money in the pockets of MMAPlay365 subscribers. As the Director of MMAPlay365, Adam Newsome, says, “We built a great and trusted brand at MMAPlay365 so to now add AI to our service only strengthens our goal which is to make money and help our subscribers make money by beating the bookies.”

Gianni “The Greek” Karalis, a successful gambler, who is a prominent figure on UFC’s On The Line betting podcast, had this to say: “After having the privilege of beta testing MMAPlay365’s newest product and applying it to my own handicapping over a number of UFC events, I’m very impressed with the results. It’s definitely one of those tools you’ll find on all winners tool belts…and I’ve got mine.” 

With intelligent technology like Bayes AI on its side, MMAPlay365 is sure to become an expert in the combat sports betting world. 

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