Mohamad Ghorabi set to make his debut at Brave Combat Federation

Mohamad Ghorabi has landed in Jordan to make his debut ​at Brave Combat Federation. Being fought in most of the Middle Eastern promotions, Ghorabi is popular among fans for his striking skills which had given him five knockouts out of his six victories inside the cage. He will be the second fighter from Lebanon to be featured in the fight card of the tenth edition of Brave Combat Federation. Mohammad Fakhreddine is the other fighter representing Lebanon and he will be facing his rival Tahar Hadbi from Algeria in a bout dubbed as ‘the biggest rivalry in Middle Eastern MMA’. Ghorabi will be returning to fight in Jordan after 4 long years of interval.

Ghorabi will face Gadzhimusa Gadzhiev from Dagestan in the constantly growing welterweight division of Brave Combat Federation. Both fighters coming out of subsequent losses in their previous fights will be putting everything on the line on the bout that will be pivotal for their respective career trajectory. A win is a must for both the fighters and Ghorabi will also be rooting for his fellow countryman, Mohammad Fakhreddine.

Ghorabi shares bad blood with the team mate of Tahar Hadbi, as David Bear was the opponent of Ghorabi in Desert Force 20 – Dubai. In the intense bout, David submitted Ghorabi, by way of Rear-Naked Choke in the second round. The upcoming bout will nothing short of redemption for the welterweight from Lebanon.

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