Mohammad Fakhreddine Emerges as the Most Wanted Fighter in BRAVE CF: A Look into the Callouts

Fakhreddine, who last entered the BRAVE CF cage at BRAVE CF 57, recently voiced his ambition to compete for the Super Welterweight title with the intention of becoming the first-ever three-division champion in the BRAVE Combat Federation. However, Fakhreddine’s desire has sparked a range of reactions from his counterparts.

Current Super Welterweight champion Kamal Magomedov welcomed the challenge from Fakhreddine but had a warning for the Arab MMA legend. “Be careful what you (Fakhreddine) wish for. I am here and waiting for you. Let’s do it!” Magomedov responded.

After winning the title back at BRAVE CF 77, Magomedov is waiting for his first title defence. The title picture is expected to be clear at BRAVE CF 81 as Ismail Naurdiev and Luiz Cado will fight in the co-main event with the winner likely to get the next title shot. 

Cado, riding a three-fight winning streak heading into BRAVE CF 81, also expressed his interest in facing Fakhreddine, extending an invitation to the Lebanese MMA star for a showdown at BRAVE Combat Federation’s debut event in Dubai scheduled for November. 

“Fakhreddine is a legend. I want to win my belt and then defend against him in Dubai – let’s do it,” Cado said.

At the same time, Fakhreddine’s aspirations for a third title did not sit well with South African Middleweight Chad Hanokem. He questioned the double-champion status of Fakhreddine while also criticizing the BRAVE CF Veteran for pursuing a third title.

“Don’t talk about being a triple champion when you haven’t defended anything. You little rat, don’t play me like you’re not afraid of this challenge,” Hanokem said.

The most interesting name among the fighters that want to step into the cage with Fakhreddine, however, is Mohammed Said Maalem. Maalem and Fakhreddine has a long history having already fought twice in the organisation. There were controversies involved in both these fights and Said wants to have a proper closure for the rivalry. 

“My story with Fakhreddine is like a movie. And every movie has its ending. Fakhreddine, let’s go brother!,” he said ahead of his upcoming BRAVE CF 81 headliner against Erko Jun. 

While there is no confirmation about the return of Fakhreddine, one thing remains clear: he has plenty of options to consider. 

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