Munguia vs. Rosado: Full Results and Recap

Anaheim, CA – The Honda Center in sunny Anaheim, California played host to the much-anticipated WBO Inter-Continental Middleweight championship fight bout between Jaime Munguia Jr. and Gabriel Rosado. Munguia Jr. came into the night looking to defend his championship and push his record to a perfect 38-0. Rosado, who has been fighting professionally since 2006, looked to play spoiler to the rise of Munguia Jr. Rosado is ten years the senior of Munguia Jr. and the fight was a real test to see where Munguia stands in his young career. 

An added layer to this championship fight was the Mexico vs. Puerto Rico boxing rivalry. Munguia Jr. hails from Tijuana, MEX while Rosado is from Philadelphia, PA and is of Puerto Rican decent. Rosado is a fixture in the Puerto Rican community in Philadelphia. Anytime two fighters hailing from Latin America counties meet in the ring, fireworks are expected to burst and this fight lived up to those expectations in what could be a fight of the year candidate.

Below are fight results and recaps from the card that aired live on DAZN.

WBO Inter-Continental Middleweight Championship: Jaime Munguia Jr. vs. Gabriel Rosado

Round 1: Long feeling out process for both fighters. Munguia looked a little more aggressive than Rosado. Munguia was a bit more consistent with his combinations while Rosado looked to be more patient. Rosado finally threw his one and only combination towards the end of the round.

Round 2: Munguia shows off his fast hands to start the round. He lands a flurry of punches to the head and body of Rosado. The crowd erupts in delight as Munguia’s hands create a blur in the ring. Rosado tries to slow things down by grabbing Munguia. Munguia quickly breaks away and continues to land with straight punches. 

Round 3: More of the same from Munguia but Rosado shows off his veteran skills by tying up Munguia when needed to slow his offense down. Munguia quickness is apparent and Rosado tires his best to slow them down. Munguia lands a few hard combinations. Rosado does his best to push off Munguia and make it to the end of the round.

Round 4: Munguia continues to land on Rosado. After a few moments of defense, Rosado seemingly turns on a switched and goes off on Munguia. He ties up the younger fighte and lands right hook after right hook. The crowd goes nuts. Munguia breaks free and unleashes offense of his own. Rosado answers with a flurry of his own. The Honda Center erupts. The two trade punches for the remainder of the round. Munguia gets the better of the exchange and hurts Rosado but Rosado is able to survive until the bell rings.

Round 5: The fight returns to a slower pace to start the round. Munguia looks to land with hard straight punches. Rosado is not as aggressive as he was in the previous round but he is keeping his own against Munguia. Munguia land a few hard shots that snap Rosado’s head back but nothing the veteran hasn’t experienced before.

Round 6: Munguia opens up with a beautiful combo. Rosado responds with a hard right hook that stuns Munguia. Munguia quickly recovers and unloads on Rosado. Rosado stumbles around the ring. Munguia keeps his calm and does not wildly punch himself out. Rosado ties up Munguia gain to slow things down. Rosado ends the round by landing a pair of hard overhand rights that send Munguia back.

Round 7: Munguia comes out swinging and lands hard and clean on Rosado. Rosado has no other choice but to tie him up. Munguia breaks one arm free and lands hard on Rosado. Rosado does not let go and the two fall hard to the canvas. The referee calls for time and the fight is stopped. As the two get back to their feet Munguia restarts his offense. He lands hard on Rosado who can only shake his head and tells the younger fighter that the punches are not fazing him. Rosado starts to taunt a bit more in this round, putting his hands in the air as he lands on Munguia. 

Round 8: Munguia’s hands are nonstop. Rosado looks a little tired but he is still moving and doing his best to muster offense. Munguia moves up and down form the head to the body peppering Rosado with punches. Rosado lands a nice right hook that stuns Munguia but he can’t follow it up with a good combination. The round end with the two tied up against the ropes.

Round 9: Rosado comes jumping out from his corner to meet Munguia in the middle. The round starts with more of the same from Munguia but Rosado gets angry as time goes by and presses the young fighter to get ugly and exchange punches in the clinch. The crowd goes crazy as the fighters go all out. The both take turns taking their best shots. 

Round 10: Munguia regains some control of the fight but cannot get into a rhythm as Rosado stops any offense by tying up Munguia up. Munguia lands with hard shots but Rosado eats them. As the fight has progressed the tougher Rosado has become. Despite Munguia continues to land but Rosado keeps standing and tying up Munguia to stop any momentum from growing.

Round 11: Rosado is not human. He keeps moving forward and taking all that Munguia has to offer. Munguia’s mouth is wide open as the young fighter seems to have punched himself out against Rosado.

Round 12: Rosado is bouncing on his toes to start the fight. He comes out swinging but is met by a combination from Munguia. Rosado quickly ties up Munguia to gain control. Munguia breaks free and lands a hard combo. Rosado backs Munguia to the ropes and land a hard body shot. Munguia dodges a right hook from Rosado. Munguia is on the defensive in the final round it seems. Rosado looks to be trying to finish this fight but Munguia is not allowing him to. Munguia respond with a combo and gets tied up for his efforts. Munguia uses his jab to keep Rosado at bay. Rosado is ruthless in his forward movement. Munguia end the fight with one final combo. The crowd stands and cheers.

Results: Jaime Munguia Jr. def. Gabriel Rosado via decision (118-110, 119-109, 117-111)

Welterweight Bout: Alexis Rocha vs. Jeovanis Barraza

Round 1: Both fighters come out light on their feet to start. Rocha is the slight aggressor and quickly finds his range. Barraza does his best to avoid any serious damage but he is quickly playing defense to start the fight. 

Round 2: Rocha starts to land some power shots on Barraza. Barraza is forced to get off the ropes and push back. Rocha does not let that last for long as he powers Baraza back against the ropes with his straight right and body shots. Barraza is having a hard time mustering any offense as Rocha lands hard shots to the head. Rocha tees off and lands a hard straight that sends Barraza’s head back.

Round 3: More of the from Rocha to start the third round. Barraza tries to be a bit more aggressive but that only forces him to eat hard punches from Rocha. Rocha looks more and more comfortable as time goes on. He lands a hard straight left that sends Barraza back up against the ropes. Barraza backs himself in the corner and eats some more hard punches from Rocha. Hard left hook from Rocha. Left uppercut sends Barraza’s head back. Another hard straight left lands clean from Rocha. Barraza survives to the end of the round.

Round 4: Barraza lands a hard left hook. Probably his best shot of the fight so far. Barraza seems determined to be the one to land first this round. He is no longer playing defense but is being more aggressive with offense. Rocha mises an uppercut that gets a collective “oh” from the crowd. Barraza seems to have slowed down a bit. Rocha was a bit timid in the round but did not suffer any damage from Barraza.

Round 5: Rocha comes out super aggressive and pushes Barraza up against the ropes. Rocha lands a hard combination to the body. The two trade wild hooks but neither land anything with great power. Rocha is back to being the offensive aggressor this round. He is not letting Barraza get comfortable. Rocha ducks from a combo by Barraza and lands a hard left hook. Rocha ends the round by scoring a hard body combo on Barraza.

Round 6: Rocha quickly traps Barraza in the corner and goes to work on the body and head. Barraza side steps his way out of the corner but Rocha remains on his tail. Barraza tries to land on Rocha but cannot connect. Rocha remains in control of the bout. Rocha pushes Barraza up against the ropes and out a bit of frustration Barraza unloads a hard head and body combination right before the round ends.

Round 7: Rocha lands a hard right cross and left uppercut that send Barraza reeling. Rocha talks his opponent around the ring landing at will. Barraza tries to push Rocha off but the offense of Rocha keeps coming in waves. Rocha moving and landing from head to body on Barraza. All Barraza is doing this round is covering up. Rocha ends the round by landing are hard straight left.

Round 8: Rocha continues his work from the previous round. The only question remaining is if Rocha can finish this fight before the final bell rings. Rocha lands a hard uppercut. The crowd is enthralled with Rocha’s offense. Rocha sends Barraza reeling. He starts to tee off. Barraza is in survival mode now. The crowed is going crazy sensing a finish. Rocha continues to land hard punches. The referee looks like he wants to step in and stop it but Barraza is saved by the bell. The crowd cheers for Rocha’s performance.

Round 9: Rocha quickly gets back to work and land hard punches to the head of Barraza. For Barraza it looks like the lights are on but nobody is home. Rocha lands a few more hard punches before the referee steps in to stop it.

Results: Alexis Rocha def. Jeovanis Barraza via KO in RD 9 at 0:33

Middleweight Bout: D’Mitrius Ballard vs. Paul Valenzuela Jr.

Round 1: Ballard comes out looking calm and relaxed. Valenzuela moving around while throwing wild jabs at Ballard. Ballard counters with a few straight punches. Half way through the round both men look to be loosening up a bit more. Valenzuela is the aggressor as he jumps in and out with his jab. The two trade exchanges in the corner as the round ends.

Round 2: A bit of an awkward exchange to start the round as Valenzuela slips and hold onto Ballard’s trunks to prevent him from falling. Valenzuela almost pulls Ballard’s trunks down. The fight is stopped by the referee but quickly resumes. Valenzuela lands a hard shot to Ballard that stuns him. Valenzuela quickly pounces but Ballard is already recovered. 

Round 3: Valenzuela comes out swinging but does not land anything with serious damage. Ballard remains calm as he awaits his opportunity to land. Ballard starts to unload a bit on Valenzuela. Ballard lands a hard uppercut that sends Valenzuela back a bit. Valenzuela comes back with a few punches of his own before the round ends.

Round 4: Ballard lands a punch below the belt in the early part of the round. Valenzuela recovers but Ballard is on the move now. He is far more aggressive this round than in the previous three. Ballard pushes Valenzuela against the ropes and goes for hard right cross. Valenzuela pushes his way out to the center of the ring and the two exchange blows.

Round 5: Valenzuela comes out charging and gets tangle up again in Ballard’s trunks. They are quickly broken up and Ballard starts to walk him down. Valenzuela is very unorthodox in his offense as he is constantly moving up and down. He is not an easy target to hit. 

Round 6: The two fighters start to finally let loose. After a slow start they exchange wildly in the corner. The crowd awakens in excitement. Ballard pushes Valenzuela to the corner but Valenzuela fights his way out. The bell sounds and Valenzuela raises his hand as an acknowledgement to the crowd for that wild exchange.

Round 7: The two come out swinging as the crowd cheers for action. Ballad lands a hard cross punch on Valenzuela. Ballard continues to push forward at Valenzuela but he cannot land anything significant. Valenzuela remains elusive. Ballard manages to push Valenzuela to the corner and lands a few hard body shots before the round ends.

Round 8: So far this round has the most action from both fighters. Ballard looks to have abandoned his calm approach and is going after Valenzuela. Valenzuela’s game plan has not changed as he is still elusive. 

Round 9: More of the same to start the ninth round. Ballard looks to be a bit frustrated for not being able to land anything hard on Valenzuela. After a few moments of light exchanges, Ballard lands another shot below the belt to halt the action. Valenzuela needs little time to recover and the action resumes. The low blows have not slowed Valenzuela down a bit. He still has bounce in his step. 

Round 10: Both men come out swinging to star the final round. Both land hard shots to the head. Ballard pushes Valenzuela down.  The action resumes. Ballard continues to stalk Valenzuela down and landing wherever he can. Ballard is able to land on the small windows that Valenzuela leaves open.

Results: D’Mitrius Ballard def. Paul Valenzuela Jr. via unanimous decision (98-92 x 3)

WBA Continental Americas Lightweight Championship: William Zepeda vs. John Moralde

Round 1: Long feeling out process to start the fight. Both fighters looking to find their range. Zepeda doing most of the stalking and keeping Moralde on his heels. As Moralde pedals back he slips but quickly get back to his feet. Zepeda starts to close in and lands home hard shots to the head and body. Zepeda pushes Moralde to the ropes and lands a few hard combos. Moralde pushes his way out and the round ends.

Round 2: Moralde comes out throwing an overhand punch. He starts the second round much more aggressive. Zepeda fights off his advancements and slows things down a bit with his jab. The two fighters stay in the center of the ring for a long period and exchange strikes but neither land hard enough to do any real damage. Zepeda lands a nice shot to the body as finishing end to a high low combo. Zepeda continues to land hard shots to the body. Zepeda and Moralde get tangled up and that makes Moralde fall to the ground. Moralde gets back up to his feet but the round ends.

Round 3: Zepeda starts the round by throwing combinations the head. Moralde eats the punches and has little to offer in terms of countering. Zepeda starts to tee off on the body. Moralde looks to have slowed down considerably. Zepeda continues to land at will and the most Moralde can do is tie him up and force the referee to break the hold. Moralde has turned to dirty boxing this round in an effort to slow Zepeda.

Round 4: Zepeda pushes Moralde hard against the ropes and lands hard punches to the face. Moralde is forced to cover up. The crowd reacts to the hard shots landing by Zepeda. Moralde walks his way back to the center of the ring but continues to eat punches. Almost zero offense from Moralde. Zepeda pushes forward and gets Moralde in the corner. He lands hard combinations the crowd begins to erupt. Moralde has his hands up but then quickly puts them down and turns his back, signaling to the referee that he has given up. The referee steps in and stops the fight.

Results: William Zepeda def. John Moralde via KO in RD 4 at 1:59

Preliminary Card Results:

  • Arely Mucino def. Jaky Calvo via split decision (96-93, 96-93, 96-93)
  • Alejandro Reyes def. Osmel Mayorga via KO in RD 2 at 1:24
  • Jorge Chavez def. Gilberto Aguilar via KO in RD 3 at 1:24
  • Asa Steves def. Felix Vazquez via KO in RD 1 at 1:59

Mandatory Credit: Kevin Estrada/Golden Boy


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