Monday January 11, 2016 MY FIGHT – CHAPTER #2: GATEKEEPER.

145.5 pounds for Murdock!

Just one more night before my fight against Ronald Peterson, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve had a great training camp, made weight, and in 24 hours, it was time to showcase everything I’ve been working for. As Peterson made his way to the stage to weigh in (146!), I prepared for the most intense part about the fight game, and that was staring my opponent in the eyes the night before we’re locked in the cage together. Peterson was cocky, and I wasn’t quite sure why. Don’t get me wrong, he’s had a great career, in the little leagues that is, but he’s nothing more than a test for new up-and-comers to the sport. Didn’t bother me, more motivation to have my hand raised at the end of our fight.

Backstage, after the weigh-ins, Eli looked a little off, though he was happy to see me on weight and ready for my fight. I asked if something was wrong, but all he would say is “don’t worry about it, focus on your fight tomorrow”, so I knew something was up, he just didn’t want to cause any distractions. It was my time, so he told me.

I like showing up to the event hours before my fight, even though I’m the 2nd fight of the night. It gives me time to get familiar with my surroundings, comfortable as well. As we arrived, I received a phone call from my brother, and just before our parents interrupted telling him to hang up on his “useless brother”, he wished me good luck. I’m glad he’s not fully influenced by mom, dad, and the rest of the family, they just don’t understand, nor show interest in anything expect their business and having all family contribute to it.

“Introducing the challenger…”

It was my time, my time to prove to everyone I wasn’t some wannabe kid that thinks he knows how to fight. There’s always tons of negativity in this sport, but I know I’m better than that, and capable of winning this fight.

“Ready? Fight!”

Eli: “This is your time, Murdock”

Whenever I hear that bell ring, signaling the start of the fight, my surroundings disappear, everything except the tunnel vision of my opponent goes white. Peterson thought touching gloves as a sign of respect at the bell was something I had to earn, so rather than touch gloves, I found myself winded as he hit me with a hook to my midsection. My corner men, especially Eli didn’t like that.

This fight was scheduled for a max of 3 rounds, however, I didn’t intended on going the full 3 rounds, especially after the cheap shot. While I was winded, I quickly backed up to the cage, and as Peterson rushed in, all I could hear was my corner screaming “HAYMAKER”, so I did just that.

The fight lasted a record-breaking 0:09 seconds… As Ronald Peterson rushed towards me, I hit him with everything I had in me, and it couldn’t have been timed more perfectly. I still think the fight should have had a finish time of 0:07 seconds, only because it took the referee a couple of seconds to call the fight off, and that being the time he went to sleep.

Before my opponent even hit the mat, Eli had jumped the cage, screaming bloody murder; the rest of my corner men followed his lead. The crowed went insane, and when Peterson quickly awoke, he wasn’t happy with the decision, but in reality, who would be. I had just taken out one of the toughest guys in the organization, with the fastest knockout victory in the organization, if this didn’t make a statement for myself, I didn’t know what would.

During my post-fight interview, I don’t know what ran through my head, but I thought it was a good idea to call out the current 145lbs champion, Dominick Diaz, or better known as “Dom Domination”. Meh, what’s the worst that could happen, right?

With Ezra’s knockout victory over the 145lbs gatekeeper, he looks for a much higher-level opponent as he advances to 3-0-0 in his professional MMA career. Though Murdock’s happy with his victory, he’s still left to wonder where Eli’s future lays in this sport, what organization his best friend will end up signing the contract for.

As chapter #2 of My Fight: The Story comes to an end, chapter #3 holds the future of Ezra’s best friend, Eli, and where he will continue his love for mixed martial arts, also a response from Featherweight champion, Dominick Diaz. With what little professional experience Murdock has, will he be able to jump to a #1 contender spot to challenge for the title after his call out of the champion? Experience is everything, Ezra.

By: Adam LeBarr
Fighters Blog



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