NAAFS – Caged Vengeance 16

Monday March 2, 2015– Curt Lemmon has arrived. Actually, he has been here for quite some time. He’s been knocking dudes out since 2010 and since then, he’s put together a nice record for himself. With eleven wins and zero defeats (4-0 professional, 7-0 amateur), he has, in noticeable fashion, flattened his first four professional opponents. In fact, he has found a way to finish 10 of the 11 opponents he has faced; 5 by TKO, 3 by submission and 2 via the crowd pleasing KO. On March 7th, under the NAAFS banner, Curt will fight for the vacant NAAFS Heavyweight Professional Title.

The 26 year-old fighter always seems to be quiet, focused and ALWAYS smiling. There doesn’t seem to be much that can rattle his cage. You get the same Curt Lemmon before a fight as you do after a fight; calm, cool and collected. There doesn’t seem to be anything overly complicated about his fight style either. He puts his hands up, comes forward without surrender and tries to separate his opponent from consciousness. And while doing so he stifles many opponents who can’t stop him after hitting him with absolutely everything they have. Curt’s chin is about as sturdy as they come. But there’s another out there whose chin is more legendary.

Big John Hawk arrived a long time ago. You know who he is and what he’s accomplished. There is no mystery about him. It is very hard to argue that there is another professional Heavyweight (that isn’t in the UFC) who is as tough and unpleasant to fight as John Hawk. John is perennial guard of the professional heavyweight division and he sort of helped write the book on Ohio MMA.

Hawk brings his 16 (10-5 professional, 6-0-1 amateur) wins into this fight and will be a heavy favorite in just about every category. Not only has he fought bigger and more traveled opponents but he has WAY more experience in the cage than Lemmon. He has twice as many fights and has logged a lot more total cage time; Hawk has over four hours of total cage time to Lemmon’s one hour (yes you read that right). Hawk puts big time pressure on his opponents and he has proven over and again that he can do it for the entirety of a fight. He is gritty, ruthless and a complete savage once the bell rings in round one.

Hawk has lost five times, four of which have come via decision and all of which came while he was testing out the waters in the light heavyweight division. In other words, it is very, VERY difficult to finish this man and no one has been able to stop him during his tenure as a heavyweight. Lemmon can win this fight but he must find a way to maximize his cardio and he must be ready to fight from his back. Otherwise everyone knows he has the competence to stand and bang.

A win for Lemmon puts not only will make him the NAAFS Professional Heavyweight Champion but it will put him right smack in the middle of the MMA map where everyone will be able to see. Meanwhile a win for Hawk further solidifies his spot as the top Professional Heavyweight around and will demand the big organizations give him a seat at their table.

In a match up a long time in the making, two of the NAAFS’ elite welterweights will finally clash on March 7th in Canton. Nick Duell and Dom Steele were originally slated to fight last year but due to injuries the fight never came to be. Now with both fighters healthy and anxious to compete, Caged Vengeance 16 will be the stage that sees two of the regions best collide.

The bout will co-headline an already stellar pro card featuring a heavyweight title fight between undefeated prospect Curt Lemmon and former champion “Big” John Hawk. Lightweight contenders Joey Holt and George Comer will battle for the right to face current champion Torrance Taylor later this year. And NAAFS rising stars Wes Hanson and Dave Lastafka will each face stiff tests March 7th as they look to continue to climb the rankings. Order it now.

Mar 07, 2015 6:30 PM EST
Venue: Memorial Civic Center
Location: Canton, Ohio

Nick Duell vs TBD

George ‘Bonesaw’ Comer vs Joey ‘The Hitman’ Holt

Aaron Jeffery vs Dave Lastafka

Wesley ‘Wild Wild’ Hanson vs Jean Paul ‘The Jackhammer’

Xavier ‘Spartacus’ Nash vs John Gunther

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