Neuroptimax joins forces with Scuffle Brands

LONDON, United Kingdom – Neuroptimax has partnered with Scuffle Brands to bring their quality formulation to athletes and fighters.

Neuroptimax Pro has proved to be a real game-changer in the benefits it brings for both mind & body. Since its launch, the Neuroptimax product range has expanded to include a groundbreaking functional health & wellness drink – Neuroptimax Sport (RTD) ‘Ready to Drink’, as well as a range of premium protein powders into the market with a diet protein, recharge protein & refuel protein.

Paul Reed, CEO of Neuroptimax Ltd. talks about how the brand came about, “Neuroptimax Pro was a formulation created by Head of Sports Science & Athlete Support – Jamie Carruthers. It was born out of our desire to bring premium grade supplements to the uncrowded brain health market with the finest ingredients that we could source, that had been peer-reviewed and were backed by science.”

From UFC champions to corporate heads, Neuroptimax is the trusted source of quality energy that has been scientifically formulated for performance like no other. Neuroptimax’s formulation takes the athlete’s needs into account with nutrients that support body recovery, performance, focus, and brain cognition.

The partnership sees Scuffle Brands now taking the lead in marketing the Neuroptimax product and managing sales and distribution in the USA, Middle East, and Africa. While the manufacturing is set to be done in both Dubai and South Africa.

Scuffle Brands holds a portfolio of brands that give the best, long-term benefits for combat sports athletes as it is 100% committed to creating the ultimate performance supplements, for mind and body.

Jason Van Schalkwyk had this to say about the new partnership, “As Scuffle, we look to partner with brands that are in the best interests of athletes and that take athletes to their peak performance. Neuroptimax does just that, not just physically but mentally too.”

Neuroptimax’ continued R&D will bring new products to the market as they look to expand its brand offerings. And with Scuffle Brands by their side, Neuroptimax is well on its way to becoming the market leader in premium supplements.


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