Nevin Is Expected To Return To the Ring in a Matter of Weeks in the US

Wednesday September 2, 2015– Free betting boxing forums have received an overwhelming traffic overflow after the announcement of several matches that should prove to be excellent fights. One of them is with John Joe Nevin who recently emerged victorious in his first bout in 40 weeks. Nevin stopped Mexican Victor Raul on his track in New York recently.

Victor Raul Capaceta never made it off the fourth round after Nevin hammered him thoroughly. Nevin is an Olympic silver medallist that he won at the London 2012 Olympics. Nevin made history being the first boxer to stop Mexican Victor Raul Capaceta.

The defeat gave John Joe Nevin a fourth win since he embarked on his professional boxing career in 2014 during St Patrick’s Day.

Bonus bets forums were riddled with quotes from Nevin, who suggested that the ref was in agreement that he scored an excellent shot. Nevin displayed his happiness at coming back to capture the win under his belt and in just four rounds!

The Year That Was/Is

After undergoing through what seems to be a troubled half of the year, Irish Olympic silver champ John Joe Nevin increased his likability in free and bonus bets forums after winning in the United States. A win with style as he won inside the distance.

Remaining unbeaten but on his only fourth professional bout, Nevin delivered a Knock-out punch at the Brooklyn Cyclones Baseball pitch in New York’s Coney Island.

As the match played out, John Joe Nevin domineered right from the opening round. The scheduled fight came to an end in the third round after Nevin sensationally tagged Capaceta. Fighting Mexican fighter Victor Raul, who has been out of action since 2014.

The Mexican stepped into the ring with a poor record of scooping only four wins in his fourteen career fights. He drew three fights and lost the remaining seven matches.

However, his not so good streak on the boxing ring has never deterred his (Raul’s) spirit. Although footage shows that by the third round; he was hurting, he pushed on and at the end of the round he remained on his stool failing to come out for the fourth round.

Victor Raul started complaining that he was hit with a foul punch on the back of his head. Nevin quickly dismissed the Mexican’s claims to be nothing but hogwash. Getting back to the champ, John Joe Nevin has been missing in action thanks to a double leg break after an altercation.

The Irish fighter is remembered for stopping Englishman Jack Heath at the 88th second in a scheduled six-round bout a match that was held in November 2014 at Dublin’s 3Arena. The Irish lad was quick to add that the referee also commented that he delivered an incredible shot and was ecstatic to get back into fighting action and produce a win in his first match.

Tom Moran a Philadelphia native who co-manages John Joe Devin together with Cameron Dunkin added that the Coney Island outing proved that the Irishman is back and has a great deal to offer! Nevin is now waiting to take part in several more fights in America before Christmas 2015, and these are matches he will use to catch up with the sport from whence he took a break!

Despite suffering injuries sustained out of the boxing ring, the Irishman has shown the world that he can do what he was created to do, fight! Punters will now have more faith in the Irish lad, and we expect bonus bets to increase ten fold in his favour.

We can only expect to witness big things from this fighter, and we are watching his gameplay keenly!

This article was written by sports author Tony Samboras. As a lifelong fan of boxing Tony is alway keen on expressing his views and sharing in the latest news surrounding the sport. To see more of Tony’s work come take a look at

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