Nick Gonzalez calls it a wrap

Wednesday September 30, 2015– Missing weight by 16 pounds for his Bellator fight ️vs Ryan Couture , Nick “The Ghost” Gonzalez has called it quits.

According to a Facebook post days after the fight :

“No fight. No nothing. Came in heavy and the bout was scratched, I apologized to Ryan and Randy it didn’t make it right but I did. I danced my last dance 9/13 and went out with a bang. I figured now that I’m sober, in a better place, I could go out for one more but my time’s over. Nothing was going to come of this but a personal triumph, i wasn’t making a come back or anything like that. In 2001 I began and made a run as best as I could, making it out of regional shows to bigger stages and im ok with that. People have messaged me or text ” what happened”…nothing happened, I just don’t want it anymore. Stepping back in the cage doesn’t define me or make me, even if it’s a personal gain. My focus, goals and dreams aren’t what they use to be, unfortunately it ended sour but if it’s not in your heart, it’s not there anymore no matter how much you want it to be….Nick”

The Ghost doesn’t sugar coat things explaining that:

“I enjoy training just don’t care for fighting. the love I Had for the game died a few years back, but I kept trying to ignite the fire. I’m at peace with it all being done. I did have a hard time letting go but it just wasn’t fun for me anymore. “

When asked about fighter pay he explained what all the fans already knew, it’s just not enough for what he and others put their bodies thru day in day out.


“the party’s over! I’ve tried it all..being a fighter. Trainer and promoting, it’s not the same as when I came up. I’ve tried to evolve but for what? I don’t care anymore. It’s a joke now. Padded records, Facebook check ins, fan pages etc. I’m over it all.”

Nick will now return to being “a normal person” enjoying time with his family and electrician work.

Best wishes for his future endeavors and thanks for the wars.

By: Korey Lane

Photo Credit: Rudy Lara

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