This last Saturday (11/20,2021) the organization NP FIGHT held its 15th edition.

The main event of the night was the dispute for the inaugural belt in the under 93 kg category, between Júlio César dos Santos (Brazilian Brothers MMA) from Goiás and Átila “Megatron” from Brasília (Suicida Squadron Team).

As was to be expected for the light heavyweight division, intense duel from the first seconds of combat, on both sides.
Until at 3m11s of the 1st round, the experience of the native of Goiás, who made his thirteenth fight in his professional career, prevailed and Júlio César landed a submission (rear-naked choke), which guaranteed him the title.

“A lot of training and dedication, I didn’t fight in my city for three years, and winning the title here with my family is the best prize,” said the champion still in the cage.

André Soares keeps the BFT Amateur Belt up to 77 kg

On the night of the NP FIGHT, there was a preliminary to the professional event, 4 disputes of the amateur league of the organization.

BFT MMA’s main event was the title defense in the Welterweight division.

André Soares (CT Carrasco Lima) defended his belt against Ycaro Felipe (Nova União-GO) in one of the duels considered to be a highlight of the amateur league, where despite the athletes still belonging to amateur MMA, they showed their grit, strength, and MMA show, the level of athletes in the BFT organization.

The duel for the title of the 77 kg category ended with 1m44s of the 1st round when the athlete Ycaro Felipe was knocked out by the amateur champion, who kept the belt.

“I promised my team that I would knock out and take the belt back, I kept my promise to my master Elismar Carrasco”, stated the champion

Combat of MUAY THAI

Lovers of the “art of eight guns”, had the opportunity to see a super Muay Thai fight inside the NP Fight’s cage.

In the cage Gabriel “Troiano” (Rocha Combat) in the city of Goianira, he faced Will “Brutus” (Javier Thai), a team from the capital in the 73 kg category.

The fight lasted 3 rounds of pure Muay Thai, where each athlete showed their refined techniques within the modality.
In the end, the decision ended up in the hands of the judges, who scored a victory for Will Brutus.

On the night of NP FIGHT’s return, there was still a Grappiling match, where Luis Felipe defeated Rômulo Augusto with a foot lock. The event was held at the Jardim América Sports Gym, in Goiânia in the state of Goiás.

Check all the results of the NP FIGHT 15 Professional Card
▪ Júlio César defeated Átila “Megatron” by submission (rear naked choke) at 3m11s of the 1st R
▪ Rafael “Koncreto” beat Celito Nascimento by T.K.O (punches) at 2m48s of the 3rd R
▪ Jefferson “Aldin” beat Sérgio “Violência” by K.O (punch) at 46s of the 1st R
▪ Alan “Apinaxi” defeated João Paulo “Roy” via split decision
▪ Aristides “Monstrão” beat Rodolfo de Freitas by submission (katagatame) at 1m21s of the 2nd R
▪ Raycon “Cogumelo” beat Brendon Amer by submission (armbar) with 1m16s of the 1st R
▪ Marlon “Geladeira” defeated Marcos “Ninja” by K.O (punch) at 27s of the 1st R
▪ Gabriel Gomes defeats Lucas Moura by unanimous decision
▪ Lucas “Buakaw” beat João Vitor by submission (triangle) at 3m17s of 1 R


▪ André Soares beat Ycaro Felipe by KO with 1m44s of the 2nd round
▪ Alex Brito defeated Vinícius Pereira by unanimous decision
▪ Célio Marques defeated Maurizan Barbosa by medical intervention at 2:46 in the 3rd round
▪ Joelton Henrique beat Heytor Henrique by knockout at 58s of the 2nd round

▪Will Brutus defeats Gabriel Troiano by unanimous decision

▪Luis Felipe beat Rômulo Augusto by submission (foot lock)

Photo credits: Matheus Medeiros


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