NP FIGHT 16 GOLD Fight Card set for March 19

The golden night of MMA in Goiás, will take place this coming Saturday, March 19th. In its sixteenth edition, the event from Goiás takes the best of mixed martial arts in the capital of Goiás into the cage, this time putting 5 of the organization’s belts at stake on the night.

MMA belt disputes
In the main event, Anderson “Bodão” faces Gabriel “Modragon” for the organization’s heavyweight belt (up to 120kg).

Other belt disputes that promise to be highlights on the night of MMA Goiano, are the fights between the fighter from Goiás Jefferson “Aldin” and the paraense Izaias “Tratorzinho” for the belt of the featherweight division (up to 66 kg), it is between the goiano Hélio ” Pezin” that faces the fighter from Brasilia Lucas Silva for the belt of the welterweight division (up to 77kg).

​Other belt disputes will be in the SUBMISSION GRAPPLING modality, the event will also have 3 professional KICKIBOXING fights, which will have the fights registered in their respective official entities.


Main Match (Champion title)
120kg – Gabriel “Mondragon” x Anderson “Bodão”

belt dispute
66kg – Izaías “Tratorzinho” x Jefferson “Aldin”

belt dispute
77kg – Lucas Silva vs Hélio “Pezim”

Submission Grappling (Contest for the belt)
Absolute – Renato Magela vs Eder “Bahiano”

Submission Grappling (Contest for the Belt)
70kg – Charles Cardoso vs Luis Filipe

66kg – Wellington “Mad Dog” x Aristides “Monster”

77kg – Junio ​​César “Terere” x Matheus “Guiado por Deus”

70kg – Robson “Curumim” x Cleibison “Alligator”

70kg – Eliel “Mão de Pedra” x Vinícius Santana


52kg – Andressa “Tratorzinho” (Team Raniere) x Jordana Rodrigues (C.T. Henrique Gonçalves)

68kg – Rafael Carvalho (Kombat Saga) x Gustavo de Castro (Dojo Combate)

60kg – Edivan Santos (Kombat Saga) x Celso Henrique (Montenegro Team)


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