Nunes Vs. Anderson UFC 259 Predictions: Nunes Defends Her Belt

Amanda Nunes (20-4) goes into UFC 259 as one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time. The 32-year-old new mother hasn’t lost a fight in six years, winning 11 bouts in that time. She will defend her featherweight title as the co-main event this coming Saturday against Megan Anderson.

Nunes is a strong favorite to win the match with a -725 favorite over a +470 for Anderson.

Amanda Nunes Odds

Nunes knocked out Cris Cyborg in less than one-minute at UFC 232 in 2018, earning her the featherweight title. She’s also defended her bantamweight belt three times since her 2016 defeat against Meisha Tate. The co-main event at UFC 259 is the second time Nunes will defend her featherweight title.

The difference in numbers between Nunes and Anderson is downright scary. Nunes lands 4.43 hits per minute compared to Anderson’s 1.81 hits per minute with better accuracy. Nunes has a 51% accuracy record compared to 43% for Anderson.

Nunes has better striking defense at 57% over Anderson’s 35%. She dominates Anderson in grappling and strike absorption as well.

Nunes dictates the fight over Anderson. She has one-punch power, amazing counterstrikes, and patience when necessary. Nunes has ground and pound action and can press forward and pounce.

She is the undisputed “Baddest Woman on the Planet” after all.

Megan Anderson Odds

Anderson comes into the fight with an 11-4 MMA record. She lost two of her first three UFC fights after her 2018 debut but came back strong in 2019 with a first-round submission win over Zarah Fairn Dos Santos. It’s been over one-year since Anderson fought. At UFC 169, Anderson earned a knockout over Norma Dumont Viana in under a minute. She earned Performance of the Night honors after the event.

Anderson has a size advantage over Nunes. She has a three-inch longer reach and a two-inch height advantage. If Anderson can use this advantage within the first minute or two of the fight, she has a better shot at a win. Once Nunes finds her rhythm and gets comfortable, she knows how to keep her opponents at a safe distance and there’s no longer a size advantage.

If Anderson comes out swinging and lands a few power punches, she may finish Nunes with a punch-knee combination or a high kick. Anderson has knockout power in her hands, but then again, Nunes has shown her fierce power time and time again over the years.

This is one fight Anderson needs to go big or go home and she needs to do it quickly.

Nunes Vs. Anderson Prediction: Nunes Maintains Her Title

Nunes should not underestimate Anderson coming into the fight. She is in a position that she could very well be a threat to Nunes. She has strong hands and knockout power. One-shot is all it takes to change life forever. Just ask Anderson Silva.

Nunes is strong, she is smart, and she is an amazing all-around fighter. She has the skill, precision, and determination.

Anderson can win this fight if all goes in her favor, but that is highly unlikely. Nunes wins by KO, round one.


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