NWA POWERRR Champions Series starts Tuesday on FITE

NWA POWERRR returns Tuesday, July 20th with THE CHAMPIONS SERIES: a 3-part television event that pits NWA champions and legends against one another in team competition. With all in a quest for the ultimate prize: GOLD!

So join NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis, TV Champion Pope, World Women’s Champion Kamille, and Tag Champion Aron Stevens as they find out who’ll they’ll be partnered with: be it Melina, Austin Idol, Velvet Sky, or Taryn Terrell. And once matched, our 4 team co-captains will choose from among 20 NWA combatants in an open draft.   

A list which includes former NWA National Champion Trevor Murdoch, former Tag Champion Tom Latimer, JTG, Jennacide, Crimson; plus former NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion Jax Dane, Fred Rosser, The Masked Man, and many, many more. 

And though their process be arduous, the goal for those involved is quite simple; for if your team should win each member and resident legend will receive an official NWA title shot; or, in the case of a current champion, a chance to protect their title from any challenger beneath them. Which makes for very interesting business indeed, especially for those that are retired or covetous of their own gold. As all title shots earned are transferable to whomever the winner should see fit. 

So join the National Wrestling Alliance for The Champions Series, only on NWA Powerrr, and only on Fite!

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