Official Lion Fight 54 results and recap

Albuquerque, New Mexico: Lion Fight 54 will take place on Saturday, April 20th at Route 66 Casino & Hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This event will stream live on CBS Sports Network beginning at 10 p.m. ET / 8 p.m. MT / 7 p.m. PT. FightBook MMA will be attending this event so stay tuned as we will have a recap and official results below.

In the main event, Amy Pirnie (21-3-1) will take on Sandra Godvik (27-5) for the Lion Fight World Super Flyweight Title (113 lbs.). The promotion is making its inaugural championship to the very best super flyweights in the world. Pirnie is fighting out of Glasgow, Scotlandnand she enters the bout riding a six-fight winning streak. Godvik is originally from Stockholm, Sweden, and now fights out of Chiang Mai, Thailand. She’s a former European champion and enters the bout on a three-fight winning streak.

In the co-main event, Brett Hlavacek (18-5) will meet Ardany Mora (4-1)for the Lion Fight North American Cruiserweight Title in the Middleweight (185 lbs.) division. We will see another first-time championship bout. Hlavacek fighting out of Brooklyn, New York is going after a second title as he is the current reigning North American light heavyweight champion. Hlavacek is coming into this bout on a two-fight winning streak. Mora steps in as an injury replacement but he is ready for the opportunity. Mora fighting out of Arlington, Texas has picked up two victories on a recent trip to Thailand.

Lion Fight 54 results and recap:

Super Welterweight: Marc Entenberg vs. Sean Baca

We start the round off with both fighters coming in quick. No feel out process and they land their strikes. We start the second round and what a round. Mark lands a hard kick to the lower leg that drops Sean. He gets up and continues with the fight. We start the third round and we see more of the leg kicks that drop Sean. A couple more and the ref stops the fight. Marc defeats Sean at the 2:08 mark.

Lightweight: John Seagle vs. Gene Perez

During the first round we saw a fast paced fight which is expected with the Lightweights. Both fighters connected with their strikes. We start the second round with John being more of the aggressor. He utilized his length and hurts Gene to where he verbal taps. John defeats Gene in the second round at the 2:13 mark.

Main Card:

Women’s World Super Flyweight Title: Amy Pirnie vs. Sandra Godvik

If you blinked you missed it. Amy makes quick work and lands a kick to the body of Sandra that hurt her. Any took advantage and started landing some hard body shots until Sandra took a knee. The ref did the 10 count and Sandra couldn’t continue. Amy defeats Sandra in the first round in only 47 seconds and now is the Women’s World Super Flyweight champ.

North American Cruiserweight Title: Brett Hlavacek vs. Ardany Mora

Bret starts the round wasting no time taking advantage of his range. He lands several of his strikes but Ardany keeps coming forward. During the second round Brett dominating the round cutting Ardany head. They start the third round with Ardany coming forward and taking the shots that Brett keeps landing. Brett is able to cut Ardany more on the head with some vicious elbows. They begin the fourth round with Brett clinching Ardany as he lands knees to the body. Mora also landing knees and taking Bretts strikes. Mora is able to land strikes of his own during the last round while Brett kept looking for the clinch to land his knees. In the end Brett Hlavacek defeats Ardany Mora with the scores of  50 45, 50 45, 50 45 to win the North American Cruiserweight Title.

Women’s North American Super Bantamweight Title: Candice Mitchell vs. Whitney Tobin:

The women take center stage and start the fight feeling out each other with Whitney looking for her range. Candice is the taller of the two fighters as she is using her range. They start the second round and Whitney is looking like she found her range and landing her shots.  Candiceis utilizing her range connecting with her front kicks. During the last two rounds both fighters left in all in he ring. At the end, Whitney Tobin defeats Candice Mitchell via unanimous decision with scores of  50-45, 50–45, 49-46 to win the Women’s North American Super Bantamweight Title.

Heavyweight: Joe Stripling vs. Cody East

Cody coming into the first round dominating the round landing his shots. But Joe is holding his own with some counter punches that landed but didn’t do much damage. Cody started the round the way he ended the first round. At one point he drops Joe on the mat, gets up and continue until the bell rang. The third round starts and the tables have turned as Joe is the one pushing the pace. Joe showing all heart and a chin of granite. We start the fourth round with an action packed round. Nothing more to say about this round but all heart. Round five starts and Joe is landing everything but the kitchen sink. Joe is walking through every shot. What an absolute war! Cody East defeats Joe Stripling with scores of 49-45×2, 49-47.

Amateur Bouts

Nate Cullison vs. Quinton Dillion, Super Flyweight Title:

It’s what we expect when two high level amateur super flyweights face each other a fast paced fight. Both land their shots and taking them in return. They did not disappoint and they put on a show for the New Mexico fans. The winner of this fight via unanimous decision with the scores of 29-28 x3 and new Super Flyweight Campion is Quinton Dillion.

Swagath Pillai vs. Samuel Martin, Middleweight:

During the first round they started off quick with both fighters landing their shots. Both fighters are feeling their range with Sam landing his hard kicks. The second round starts and most of the fight was pin a clinch. Not much action but they did land some points. The third round could go to any of the two fighters as they left in all in the ring. The winner of this fights is Samuel defeating Swagath via unanimous decision with the scores of 29-28×2, 30-27.

Jonathon Trujillo vs. Andre Mitchell, Welterweight:

We start the first round with both fighters landed shots trying to finish the fight. They kept the pace going until the round ends. Trujillo starts the round showcasing his Muay Thai skills. He lands several of his shots and hurts Andre. Round three starts and Jonathan is looking tired and that’s when Andre takes advantage and starts landing his strikes. The round ends with Jonathan defeating Andre via unanimous decision with scores of 30-27 x3.

Alen Dudo vs. Thomas Horton, Welterweight:

The first round starts and they waste no time getting started. Alen is landing more shots while Thomas is still trying to figure out his range. Durung the second and third round, Alen is coming forward pushing the pace. He lands his shots clean hurting Thomas. Alan drops Thomas several times until the ref calls the fight. Alan defeats Thomas at the 1:06 mark in the third round.

Cameron Wesley vs. Damien Holguine, Cruiserweight:

In the first round both fighters landed some heavy shots looking for the knockout. They start the second round the way they finished the first round. Damien looked more the aggressive fighter. They  start the third round fast as Damien connected with a stiff right that hurt Cameron until Damien gets kicked with a low blow. They restart. And picked up where they left off with Damien landing more shots. At the end Damien defeats Cameron by unanimous decision.

Welterweight: Nick Gomez vs. Mathew Marshall:

Nick Gomez defeats Mathew Marshall by KO in the first round with knees to the body.


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