Official Results of the 16th edition of NP FIGHT – “GOLD Edition”

The Goiana League of MMA NP FIGHT was held last Saturday (19) its 16th edition called “GOLD Edition”.
On the night, five belts were on the line, among them was the unprecedented belt in the heavyweight division (up to 120kg), the Featherweight division (up to 66kg), the welterweight belt (up to 77), and 2 more belts that were disputed in the Submission modality. grappling. The event also featured 3 professional Kickboxing fights (K1 Rules), Submission Kids fights, and AMATEUR MMA fights.

NP FIGHT Featherweight Division Has a New Champion

Jefferson “Aldin” (Fefel Team-GO) and Izaias “Tratorzinho” (CT Cumarú-PA) fought for the belt in the under 66kg category.

During the 1st round, the man from Goiás already showed a more aggressive and forceful fight.
In the 2nd round, “Aldin” came back prepared not to let the fight go on, and at 1m40s the fight was interrupted, with victory for Aldin, by technical knockout.

Already the holder of the belt, the champion, declared: “This victory is for my coaches, my family and everyone who believes in me! A dream come true! Right choices and a job well done.”

The under 66kg belt belonged to Elismar Carrasco from Goiás, who was the fighter who most defended the division title within the organization. “Carrasco” continues his international career in MMA, which left the title vacant.

Another belt dispute that took place in the GOLD edition of the NP FIGHT organization was in the welterweight division (up to 77kg).

The dispute was married between Hélio “Pezim” and Rafael “Koncreto”, who with a few weeks left for the duel, suffered an injury and was replaced by the athlete from the Federal District Lucas Silva “Jaguar” from the Roger PlayThai team.

The duel lasted only one decisive round, which ended when Lucas “Jaguar”, finished with a (heel hook) Hélio “Pezim”.

“I came and did the work that I organized together with my team, the title is theirs too”, said the champion.

Still inside the octagon, “Jaguar” was challenged by the Anapolino athlete Júnior Magal. The champion and his team accepted the challenge.

Main Fight of the Night
The main dispute inside the cage was between Anderson “Bodão” (Black Thai Team) from Goiás and Gabriel “Mondragon” (Feitosa Team) from Anapoli.

At 3m10s of the 1st round, “Bodão” ended the fight with a knockout, winning the title of the inaugural 120 kg category of NP FIGHT.

In his victory interview, the champion made a point of thanking people who helped him prepare for this duel: “It was not my plans to return to the Octagons, but the encouragement of my coach, my wife, and my students, I accepted this challenge more, and the result was this; challenges are to be overcome.
Special thanks to Anderson Bradock and Alex Chadud.

The NP FIGHT 16 GOLD Edition was held on March 19, at the Jardim América Sports Gym in Goiânia, check below the official results of the main card of the event main card.

Official Results

Main Match (Champion title)

  • 120kg – Anderson “Bodão” defeated Gabriel “Modragon” by TKO (punches) at 03:10 of 1R

belt dispute

  • 66kg – Jefferson “Aldin” defeated Izaías “Tratorzinho” by KO (punch) at 01:40 of the 2R

belt dispute

  • 77kg – Lucas Silva defeated Hélio “Pezim” by submission (heel hook) at 04:26 of the 1R

Submission Grappling (Contest for the belt)

  • Absolute – Renato Magela x Eder “Bahiano” (Tie)

Submission Grappling (Contest for the Belt)

  • 70kg – Charles Cardoso defeated Luis Filipe by disqualification
  • 66kg – Aristides “Monstrão” defeated Wellington “Crazy Dog” by submission (katagatame) at 03:19 of 1R
  • 77kg – Matheus “Guiado por Deus” defeated Junio ​​César “Terere” by verbal withdrawal at the beginning of the 2R
  • 70kg – Cleibison “Jacaré” defeated Robson “Curumim” by submission (guillotine) at 03:19 of 1R
  • 70kg – Vinícius Santana defeated Eliel “Mão de Pedra” by submission (katagatame) at 04:24 of 1R

KICKBOXING (K1 Rules) match results

  • 52kg – Andressa “Tratorzinho” defeated Jordana Rodrigues by points 68kg – Rafael Carvalho defeated Gustavo de Castro by points
  • 60kg – Celso Henrique defeated Edivam Santos points


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