OKTAGON HYPE episode 7 featuring Stephan Puetz

Following another sold-out event in Frankfurt, Germany two weeks ago, episode 7 of OKTAGON HYPE gives a comprehensive review of all the action at OKTAGON 36 as well as an exclusive interview with one of the card’s biggest stars, Stephan Puetz.

During the show, Bryan Lacey recaps and breaks down Christian Eckerlin’s submission victory in the main event that bought the Festhalle Frankfurt to its feet once again and highlights powerhouse Hatef Moeil’s continued destruction of the heavyweight division.

The best light heavyweight in Germany and top contender, Stephan Puetz (22-5), also joins the episode to discuss his dominant victory against Miloš Petrášek, the growth of the sport in the country and his ongoing feud with Karlos Vémola. Significant quotes from the interview and the full show can be viewed below.

Puetz: “Of course [I would be willing to put my purse on the line as well as the ‘Terminator’ name when I finally fight Vémola]. But I would recommend to put it [the purse] as a donation for something. He can choose but speaking of setting stuff and levelling up, I would recommend that if he loses, he should unleash his lions and his sharks because he is not holding them under the right conditions. As a champion, he should be a good example to show people how you should treat your environment and animals.”

This week, fans are also treated to a special OKTAGON HYPE EXTRA episode where Bryan Lacey is joined by UK MMA pioneer and legend, Brad Pickett, who accompanied him on commentary at OKTAGON 36. ‘One Punch’ gives his reaction to the event, it’s significant moments and where OKTAGON MMA stands in the European landscape. Significant quotes from the discussion and the full episode can be viewed below.

Pickett: “I think OKTAGON MMA is the biggest show in Europe by far. Not just because of the fighters, they have very good fighters but they have the full package. From what they are doing, I think they are the leading show in Europe and people need to take note of them and try to compete with them. I think they are doing remarkable things for MMA in Europe.”


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