Olivia Curry Signs With Rick Ramos And Media Company Fightstars.tv

Boxing-media company Fightstars.tv, proudly announces their Director of Female Boxing Operations, Rick Ramos, has signed two-time Chicago Golden Gloves Champion, National Amateur Championships finalist and once-beaten professional Olivia Curry (4-1, 2 KOs) to their team of female fighting stars.

Originally from Cincinnati, Curry was a kickboxer until an Ong-Bak movie she watched in college gave her an interest in the sweet science. “There was a gym nearby with a student discount. I took a class and it slowly took over my life until I switched over to amateur boxing and eventually turned pro,” laughed Curry.

Tall for a female middleweight at 5’ 9”, Curry is a more of a technical stylist with a great jab and a strong ability to adapt inside the ropes. “I really love the intellectual chess game of boxing,” she continued. “I have punching power which is hopefully exciting to watch, but I’m definitely more of a boxer than a brawler. You don’t’ get into boxing if you’re not competitive. I want to prove I can hang with the best fighters in the world and compete for world titles.”

A resident of The Windy City for the past two decades, Curry trains at Unanimous Boxing Gym with Head Coach Trinidad Garcia. She says the deal with Fightstars.tv is a great opportunity for her career.

“I’ve known Rick for a long time from the Chicago scene,” she explained. “I’ve sparred his fighters and still do and we have talked him about working with him in the past. He and my coach know each other well. So, he came to me and Trinidad to talk early this year and we thought the Fightstars.tv deal Rick brought to the table was a great opportunity. I’m very excited for the future because I feel I have reached a point in my career where I want more elite-level competition.”

Ramos says he’s happy to finally be working with Curry.

“I’ve known Olivia for a while now.,” he recounted, “we are from the same city. She’s always been tough and ready to fight. I’m excited to work with her because there are BIG money fights in her weight class (160).”

Curry, who will make her fighting debut under the Fightstars.tv banner this coming May in Iowa, says signing with Fightstars.tv comes as she’s rededicating herself to the sport after some soul searching.

“I looked at the pandemic as a wakeup call,” said Curry. “It was either time for me to go on to something else or re-dedicate myself. I thought about it and I didn’t feel done. I love the intensity of the sport. I thought it was time to take the next step and this is it. I still feel like I have so much to learn about the sport, if you look at someone’s career as bell curve, I’m still on my way up. So I want to become the best fighter I can be and have exciting entertaining fights that make people think this woman deserves to be here.”

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