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So MMA fans this is the first article of many I will write which will be my opinion and views on MMA fights, results and news. I am a fan of all MMA, I’ll watch any organizations fights whether big or small because to me if you’re an MMA fan you should be a fan of all MMA not just UFC.

My first topic will be on UFC 181 The Ultimate Fighter 20 and of course the signing of one CM Punk.

First off let me say UFC 181 was one of the better UFC PPV in a while, congrats go out to Ruthless Robbie Lawler on winning the UFC welterweight strap. Now I know everyone says the fight was great but at the same time it sucked because both guys gassed late. And people say Johnny Hendricks should have won but hey they also said that very same thing after the Gsp fight. Now I’m not going to be bias here because I am a Robbie Lawler fan, and say that he won the fight hands down because after watching the fight, I will agree that I was a great fight and if either guy didn’t want the controversy then they should have tried harder to finish the other. As for who Lawler should defend the strap against I’m going will The Red King Rory Macdonald. He deserves the shot not just because he is GSP’s pupil, but because he is on a winning streak and would be looking for revenge against the man who last beat him. Johnny Hendricks is an enigma of a fighter. He looked unstoppable in early UFC bouts save for a loss to rick story, he destroyed guys that haven’t been beaten the way he beat them ever. Then he gets to the Koscheck fight and wins via questionable split decision, and mind you Kos’s next few losses were via KO, something Hendricks is known for doing. When he fought GSP he lost a very controversial fight. Then comes the first fight with Lawler which he may have lost if he didn’t land a late takedown. So where is Hendricks killer instinct at, did it retire with GSP? He should fight the loser of Josh Burkman/Hector Lombard. He needs to prove to fans he still can finish people.

As for heavyweights Travis Browne and Todd Duffee they both won their fights with ease and skill. As for next opponents for each I say Mark Hunt for Browne and Struve should he beat Overeem. Tony Ferguson showed heart and skill in his win over Abel Trujillo. He deserves a step up fight and the fighter that fits that best to me is Edson Barbosa. Edson beat bobby green by way of green doing nothing but run his mouth and edson punching him in that big mouth. So to me Edson doesn’t deserve a top five opponent. Top ten maybe, beside a bout with El Cucy will bring fireworks that the green bout didn’t.

Urijah Faber’s bout with Fransisco Rivera was great fight till the eye poke, which after Faber saw the replay he should have said hey Fransisco I’m sorry bro let’s do this again. Perhaps the biggest win came on the undercard when Josh Samman nearly removed Eddie Gordon’s head off his shoulders. BTW I still don’t think Eddie knows what planet he’s on let alone his name after that kick. The reason I say that Samman’s win over Gordan was a big one was the fact he fought again. The man lost his girlfriend to a car accident which was cause by them texting, so he felt responsible for her death than months later his stepfather, if it wasn’t for his coaches he might have lost the will to fight. He should fight next either Roger Navarez or Ed Herman should he beat Derek Brunson. As for the rest of the card those fights I really don’t have an opinion on those.

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Before I dig into TUF 20 it should be noted I’m not a fan of the show, its nothing against the fighters its just the shows format and setup I don’t like. As for the champ that will crowned it will be cookie monster Carla Esparza. Her grappling and cage control will win her the fight. As for the rest of the card it doesn’t really appeal to me expect for the co-main event which is Charles Oliveira vs Jeremy Stephens. I’m already calling it the fight of the night these two warriors will duke it out till someone drops. My prediction is Lil heathens via KO in second.

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Lastly the signing of Phil Brooks aka CM Punk. I have to slightly root for him to succeed, my reason why is because a late friend of mine was a fan of him when he was in WWE. Now will I think he will win a fight maybe maybe not depends on who he fights and how truly serious he takes this. I believe Dana White was dumb to sign without him fighting at least once and him winning that fight. As for who he fights that’s a huge question it would be fun to see him fight Joe Rogan but I doubt that happens. I here James Toney still has a fight left on his UFC contract lol just kidding.

By: Josh Wenburg

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