One Hit Mma Gym

Thursday February 18, 2016 Tucked in a nondescript shopping center with the biggest advertisement being a pizza place, is a den where warriors train. Walking into the gym I see 15-16 people on the mats working on striking. The cage is right up front and there’s no mistaking that champions are made here. The champions Belts sit up on a shelf behind the front desk If anyone needs a reminder.

received_1568891953436317Nearby sit a couple of kids, warm and cozy is also a small baby completely undisturbed by the timer, chatter and kicks being thrown. Family would be the word to describe my first impression.

received_1568901290102050Owned and run by Coach Aldo Oreggia a Brazilian native, he came to Utah to visit and decided to stay. With many accomplishments of his own in kickboxing including 2 national titles. Aldo liked what Utah had to offer as far as cycling and triathlons as well as safety, something lacking in Brazil that has made news recently from UFC events and fighters.  This gym is his third locally and was founded in 2007.  His fighters have had success locally with promotions like SteelFist Fight Night and Show Down as well as Bellator, Wsof and one a current Olympic hopeful.

“I don’t try to change my fighters I teach fundamentals. I have my style you have your style if you try to copy someone else you will lose your fight.”
A purple belt, Aldo focuses on striking leaving the Jiu Jitsu to Lj Schultz and Jordan Chandler to name just  a couple. All accomplished in their own right.
As The coach switches drills you can tell that there is a lot of respect for what he has to say. From the obvious vets to the newest members of the gym, I see focus and ️motivation.  In the cage is Lj Schultz and he’s looking quick and sharp Preparing for his upcoming bantam weight fight against  Ricky Steele at RFA.
On the mats in the mix is also middle weight Joe Rodriguez who takes on Dervin Lopez on the same RFA card.
Near by is Rowdy Akers who just defeated Anthony Pagliaro for Steel Fist and is slated to fight in March as well. Working combos with rowdy is Kyle Frazier Steel Fists 155 Ammy champ. These are just a few of the familiar faces, the list goes on.
From my visit to One Hit MMA I can tell its a great environment for those looking to change their lifestyle, for kids and those making a run in professional combat sports. You can follow them on Facebook by clicking here. 

Thank you for letting FighBookMMA check out your gym and looking forward to future visits. Stay tuned for live updates on One Hit MMA Fighters from RFA/showdown on February 19, 2016.

By: Korey Lane



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