One Hit MMA’s LJ Schulz


Thursday January 28, 2016– LJ Schulz is facing Ricky Steele in the biggest fight of his career on February 19, 2016 at RFA/showdown in Orem Utah. The journey to this match up has been years in the making.

Born and raised in Utah, he took up MMA after being inspired by an early season of TUF. His first MMA fight he took with no training. It was a mismatch that ended in a TKO in the second round. Looking back now he’s able to joke about the experience.

“I played soccer I thought I was in good shape. It really was the ref saving my life.”

Currently a blue belt and 5-2 in his pro career, he recently returned to Jiu Jitsu after some time off. A member and instructor at One Hit MMA, he’s been focusing more on striking over the recent years. LJ’s training is spent between several gyms and coaches (Aldo Oreggia, Marc Brewer, Gustavo Rodrigues, and Shane Brenner.) He now feels he’s a well-rounded fighter. When it comes to his upcoming bout with 4-0 Steele he is confident he has what it takes to take the 0 away.

“His karate style is not new to me. It’s not going to throw me off like it has previous opponents and I think I have the grappling edge. I’ve put over 8 years into grappling.”

Motivated by his wife and two young children LJ’s constant goal is to be better than yesterday. Inside the cage and out. With KO power and submission skills this fight shouldn’t be missed. He has even caught an opponent with a flying armbar, he features a tutorial on his facebook fan page.

Tune in to AXSTV February 19, at 530 as he opens an action packed card. Don’t miss his walk out as he never walks out to the same song. A superstition stemming from using the same song after a previous loss.

“I don’t want to feel the same as the year before, or in the same place. So I pick something new each time to match how I’m feeling then.”

Having seen Lj in the gym I can personally tell you he’s looking sharp and quick. Ricky definitely has a challenge on his hands! Good luck and follow FightBookMMA for updates live from this event.


By: Korey Lane



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