One-on-one with UFC Fighter Neil Magny

We see a lot of people talking about that there are no opponents for Khamzat and blah blah, but Neil Magny is ready. Magny, 34, has been pushing for the matchup against Chimaev, 27, since before Chimaev’s layoff. He explains how ready he is in the last question.

Latest MMA news with Vladimir Gornostaev:

• What is the best moment in your career so far? Each of my fights is the best moment in my career, each fight lifts me up, raises my life to a new level and I like it, this is the best moment that happens in my career.

 • What does it mean for you to be a fighter? For me being an MMA fighter is great, I love to go to the UFC octagon and show a good fight. Fights do not allow me to relax, I am always in a crazy rhythm.

 • You and Khamzat Chimaev had a talk down, are you still ready to beat him? Yeah, I don’t care when to enter the octagon with Khamzat, I’m ready to fight him any day of the week. When he is ready for battle, I will be in touch, I will be ready to accept a challenge from him.

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