One-on-one with UFC fighter Rafael Fiziev

Get the latest MMA news on Vladimir Gornostaev, interview with UFC fighter Rafael Fiziev. (Rafael will have a fight on December 5)

1.) What rule or what did mixed martial arts teach you?

 • Nothing!

2.) Maybe some discipline or something like that?

 • No, nothing. I love popularity and money and MMA gives me the chance to get closer to it!

3.) What many people don’t understand about MMA?

 • Many people do not understand what we sacrifice every day, and we sacrifice a lot. First of all, health, love for loved ones, time with loved ones, and of course every fight is a risk of being disabled or dying. After the fight, you can remain disabled, is that good?  I am 28 years old, and I have already had three operations, in three places on the body iron is inserted and there is nothing good about it.

4.) Popularity and money are not easy to get!

 •That’s right! 

5.) You are now preparing for your fight while in the United States, are there any distinguishing features of preparing for a fight in USA?

 • I like everything here, the main difference from Tiger (Tiger Muay Thai gym in Phuket, Thailand) here is that the guys are all professionals, when you come to the gym here in the USA you can stand with any fighter and everyone knows how to do something well. When you get up in Tiger with someone, you can smoke with one hand and win everyone with the other. In the USA I think the level of fighters is better. There were good times in Tiger when it was also possible to work with someone in the training process, but now it happens that there is simply no one to work with.


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