One To Watch: Marc Diakiese

In this series of articles I’m going to be highlighting fighters I think have some early potential and could possibly end up in one of the top organisations in the not too distant future. Not quite prospects just yet but definitely worth keeping an eye on. Just to clarify I see a prospect as a fighter with a good record, good all round skills with fights in mid to large size organisations that are pretty much ready for the UFC or Bellator to pick straight up. I see Ones To Watch as guys who have a lot of potential but are still fighting at lower level or regional organisations and not quite ready for the step up just yet.

With the UFC snapping up talent relentlessly people may think that there isn’t much left out there at the minute. Truth is fighters around the globe are being molded into killers on the daily. America, Canada and Brazil account for much of the UFC roster nowadays but there are some very strong fighters coming from Europe recently. Countries Like Sweden, Russia, Poland the UK and Ireland have been filtering fighters into the UFC slowly but surely to the point where you can look at the rankings of some of the divisions and you will probably see a Russian, Swede or an Irish man hovering near the top.


Marc Diakiese

Pro MMA Record: 7-0

Age: 22

Height: 5’10

Weight: 155lbs

Born: England, UK

Gym: Ludus Magnus

Fighting out of: Doncaster, UK

Promotion Fighting For: Multiple but most recently BAMMA

Notable Wins: None as of yet

Marc Diakiese is a perfect blend of energy, athleticism and dexterity. The Lightweight hailing from Doncaster in Yorkshire has been a pro for a little over 18 months, picking up a nice 7-0 record along the way. He has recently being fighting for top UK promotion BAMMA, having his last 3 fights with the company. In his last fight he managed to win the promotions British Lightweight title with a win over well regarded Wolfslair prospect Jack McGann, who himself was 7-0.

Diakiese trains at Ludus Magnus in Doncaster. The gym currently houses current UFC Middleweight Scott Askham as well as fellow BAMMA fighters Wayne Murrie and Zi Shah.

Watching the tape on Diakiese he is an extremely athletic fighter who possesses some gifted physical attributes in terms of agility, dexterity, strength, energy and explosiveness. It’s interesting to note how intuitive and opportunistic he is in his positioning when by the cage and in scrambles, especially at this early stage in his career. He seems to have a real good knack for coming out on top. The Jefferson George fight is a good example of this. George had opportunities to gain the upper hand in scrambles yet Diakiese’s intuitive body placement helped him gain control of the situation back from his opponent. Diakiese has pretty competent striking too. Fighting predominantly from south paw -although he does have the ability to mix up his stance well- He throws nice kicks at all levels with his rear leg as well as dropping his head nicely of centre line when throwing punches. At times his power punches do loop a little but other than that his striking is solid everywhere particularly his kicking game.

Diakiese has no glaring holes from what I can see although he does tend to throw some manouevres which could be considered a little reckless. He enjoys throwing spinning kicks, rolling thunders and leaping knees when his opponent is in the centre of the cage rather than by the wall. Another small thing is his ability to transition out of his opponents guard. He seems content to sit in it for prolonged periods rather than advancing to a better position which leads the referee to stand him up on occasion. It may be he feels comfortable from that position much the same as Randy Couture did in half guard. Either way I’d like to see him transition from time to time or at least allude to it and give the opponent more to think about.

With the rate Diakiese is progressing I could honestly see him earning a contract within the next 12 months. As we know the UFC is constantly signing fighters for short notice fights and Diakiese would be an ideal replacement for someone towards the end of the year if the situation arose. If not I could see him earning a place outright within the next year or so. I’m extremely impressed with his current skill level, especially to say he has only had around 18 months at pro level. I can only imagine what he will be like come 2015. Make sure you guys keep an eye on Marc Diakiese as he is certainly One To Watch.


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Written by Ryan Thomas MMA enthusiast/predictor/gambler and writer

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