Online Games: The Most Popular Genres Revealed

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Online gaming is something that has been around for quite some time now. However, thanks to advances in technology, and even the pandemic that forced people to stay home and look for ways to stay entertained, this is a market that has grown by leaps and bounds. Many top-rated online games rival that of the trending video game platforms in terms of graphics, sounds, animation, storyline and gameplay. Combine that with the fact that these online games can be enjoyed at home and on the go, and it’s clear to see why this is such a massive market.

If you’re ready to jump on board and check out what online gaming has to offer, you may want to start with the most popular genres. Each of these offers a massive selection of titles so you’ll never grow tired or bored of the options. Here’s a look at the most popular online game genres of 2021.

First-Person Shooter

For anyone familiar with video games in general, this genre should come as no surprise. First-person shooter style games have long since been a popular genre dating back to the 1990s. In this genre, you are playing in the first-person mode, and this factor alone is enough to garner the interest of players. It’s also for that reason that this style feels immersive, exciting, challenging and fresh each time you play. It’s easy to get into the game and get caught up in the action.

Some popular first-person shooter style games include:

  • Subway Clash 3D
  • Winter Clash 3D
  • Combat Strike 2
  • Dino Survival: Shooter Game
  • Army Force Strike


Then we’ve got role-playing games in which you assume the role of a particular character or entity. Again, this genre excels in creating an immersive experience as players often comment just how realistic this style of game is. What’s important to point out is that role-playing style games aren’t just about battles and shooting things, since some of the most popular titles are meant to feel creative and give players a lot of freedom in what they do in the game.


Sports games have been a cornerstone for a couple of decades now, existing on the traditional gaming consoles like Sony PlayStation, Xbox and the Nintendo WII system, but you’ll also find them in the form of computer games and online games. These appeal to the sports lovers out there and, for that reason, players tend to range in age.

Some developers have gotten quite good at offering new versions or updates each year or season to reflect the hottest and most trending players and teams of that year. Whether you enjoy football, rugby, racing, tennis or any other sport, you’re sure to find an online version available to play.

Casino Games

Another popular genre of online games is casino games. Online casinos are meant to feel just as exciting as the real thing, giving players a way to enjoy all the thrills from their own home any time they want. You’ll have the opportunity to win big on classic games like roulette, blackjack, poker and hundreds, even thousands of online slots to choose from.

Because there are so many online casinos available nowadays, as a new player, it can be difficult to pick the best one. By visiting Online Casinos, you’ll have access to reviews of the top UK casinos, including a rating and information on the casino’s welcome bonus offer(s). The site’s expert reviewers have made sure to personally test each of the sites they suggest so you know you’re in for a great online experience. You can also use the direct links from the Online Casinos site that will take you to each of the casinos mentioned. Visit to find out more.

According to statistics, the online UK gambling sector is one of the fastest growing online casino sectors in the world. Those in the UK are seeing just how fabulous this genre is and are rushing to create accounts and join in the fun.


Are you the type that likes to bring a little fear factor into your gaming repertoire? If so, you are likely the type that would enjoy the horror genre. This one is pretty vast in that it can include everything from zombies to aliens, to crazed killers on the loose. The idea behind this genre is that it offers escapism for players. These games will get your heart racing and have you morphing into fight or flight mode as you do your best to survive. It should be noted that many games in this category can be quite intense and aren’t meant for younger players. Be sure to look at the age rating on the game before giving it to the kids to play.

Tactic and Strategy-Based

Then there are the tactic and strategy-based games which tend to appeal to those who like a longer style game. These aren’t quick shoot ’em up style battles; instead, they are time-consuming games that require a lot of thought and planning on the player’s part. There is a real element of creativity here that appeals to players.

In this style of game, you’ll often be multi-tasking and working on various tasks at the same time. You also need to be thinking ahead to your next move and the one after that. These take a lot of time and skill to master, and that is part of the allure. Whether you play on your own, or against other players online, expect an intense and exciting gaming experience.

Some of the hottest online browser-based strategy games for 2021 include:

  • Goodgame Empire
  • Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming
  • Forge of Empires
  • Ultimate Pirates
  • Vampire Empire
  • World War Online

If you’re after a fresh new online game to play, these are some of the hottest genres in 2021. You can check out one or all of them and potentially find a few new favourites as you discover first-hand what the fuss is all about.


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