“Paddy Pimblett Accepts Matt Frevola’s Challenge: Will the Rising Stars of the UFC Lightweight Division Clash in the Octagon?”

Paddy Pimblett, a well-known mixed martial artist, has responded to the recent callout made by UFC fighter, Matt Frevola. The callout came following Frevola’s impressive victory over Drew Dober at UFC 288, which marked his third first-round knockout win in a row. During his post-fight interview, Frevola expressed his desire to fight Pimblett, claiming that the Liverpudlian had been ignoring his previous callouts.

“I think the fight (with Paddy Pimblett) makes sense. He’s foreign; he has to fight somebody. Why not me? I’ve been saying it’s only a matter of time. He’s been ignoring my callouts for a minute. But I guarantee you he heard that one. I know I called him a b*tch. I hope that ESPN didn’t bleep that one out. But you know, he is – that’s it – he’s got to stop being a b*tch. Until he takes that loss in the UFC, I want to be the first one to beat him in the UFC. I like to do things that nobody’s done. My last two fights, I beat undefeated guys. This fight I knocked out Drew Dober, who has never been knocked out (in 12 years). I want to be the first one to beat Paddy Pimblett in the octagon.”

In response, Pimblett took to social media to confirm that he would be willing to fight Frevola when he returns from injury. Pimblett stated that the fight would be the easiest route into the top 15 for him, despite the odd timing of the callout while he is still recovering from ankle surgery.

Pimblett has won all four of his fights since signing with the UFC and is considered one of the most promising prospects in the promotion. 

“@nolangauthier_bit of a weird time to call me out when I can’t even train like but yer I’d fight frevola when I’m back probably the easiest route into the top 15”

However, he is currently out of commission due to an ankle injury that required surgery. It is too early to determine whether he will be able to return to the Octagon this year.

Frevola’s callout is not surprising, given his impressive recent performances in the lightweight division. In his fight against Dober, he knocked out the veteran fighter in just over four minutes, marking the first time Dober had ever been knocked out in his 12-year career. Frevola is now looking to build on this success and continue his rise up the rankings.

If the fight between Pimblett and Frevola does take place, it will undoubtedly be an exciting matchup between two talented fighters. Pimblett’s technical striking ability and grappling skills will be put to the test against Frevola’s power and aggressive fighting style. Both fighters have a lot to gain from this potential matchup, with Pimblett looking to continue his unbeaten run in the UFC and Frevola hoping to establish himself as a serious contender in the lightweight division.

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