Parting Shots : UFC 185

2015 has been a great year for MMA. This year started strong, and has shown no signs of slowing down. Not even MMA’s Lance Armstrong/Jose Canseco’s steroid ragnarok could bring this year down. Every event is posting solid numbers and even UFC 184, a supposedly down card which was going to prove Rousey was not a draw, is poised to be her best solo number yet. UFC 185 was a strong event going in, with two title fights and a budding star in Anthony Pettis, but where it lacked the mainstream media star power of Ronda Rousey, the storylines going out of it have kept the MMA fan base buzzing in a big way. This kind of post fight energy is exactly what the UFC needed to keep the momentum up.

Obviously the biggest storyline coming out of UFC 185 is the one no one really saw coming : The rise of RDA. His accomplishment cannot be understated. This is only the third time in history a challenger to the title posted a 50-45 clean sweep on all scorecards whilst dethroning a champion(Couture vs Sylvia was the first while Cain vs JDS was even more lopsided). Even more amazingly, RDA is the first fighter to win a UFC belt after losing his first two fights in the organization. Moreso than Robbie Lawler, moreso than LHW jobber to HW monster Alistair Overeem, and moreso than 2011 Chris Leben, RDA is the biggest fighter-reinvention story MMA has ever seen. Pettis is a guy who beats fighters everywhere, and yet, it was RDA that beat him everywhere. It will be interesting to see how the division pans out in the next year after the UFC introduces stricter testing after he faces Khabib, and rematches Pettis, but even if he loses his very next fight, this run of his is still one of the more legendary streaks from a formerly pedestrian fighter.

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