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Passion for the Sport: Conflict 22′s Eddie Miller

By: Eric Ellison

On fire in 2014, Team USA Eagle’s Eddie Miller returns to the Conflict cage for a third time in three months this November at the company’s 22nd event to face hometown fighter Tra Linen. Miller, who has returned to the sport after six years away, has gone undefeated since making the transition to MMA. The CMMA fighter is a student of life, martial arts, the spirit, and the challenges of the sport, all which have brought him back to the competition he enjoys so much.

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“In life you are always a student; never a Master, but you have to keep moving foreword.”

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Eddie Miller returns to the Conflict

#1 R Eric Ellison: Obviously the first question I have to ask is, what’s it like fight practically three times in three months?

Eddie Miller: Well, I’ve been somewhat away from the sport for a few years. When I decided to get back in and make it official, I just could not stop. There’s that addiction you get as a fighter, especially when it’s all new again. Aside from my fights in September and October, plus this one coming up on November 8th, I’m hoping to get on that December card and close the year out with four.

#2 Heading back to the cage again, what has 2014 meant for you as a fighter?

Just getting back into the mindset. Coming home in a way. There’s roots here, and hitting the cage finally has been an amazing experience. Not just on me, but the people around me. Having that team to be a part of and constantly finding new avenues to be a student of everything in this sport has to teach. Some of those lessons can only be learned inside that cage.

#3 Conflict MMA has really exploded this year. With fight cards all over the Southeast, how has it been being a part of this bombshell year for the promotion?

I’ve been working with the owner Jared for a good while now. He is a great guy, and really looks out for fighters, especially these guys putting it on the line in the Conflict cage. Like I said, once I got that first fight in I got that addiction. A rush, and now it’s time to shine because, honestly, I’ve been a fighter all my life.


#4 What are some things from the past that keep you motivated always to improve

The brothers I’ve lost and the family that has to stay strong in their stead. I’ve lost a lot, and those guys always saw the best in me, even when I wasn’t able to see it. Now that they are gone, I try to live up to that part of myself. I also have four boys, and they inspire me constantly to show them that you can follow your passions and be a better you all the time.

#5 When you sit back and look at this upcoming clash at Conflict 22, what are some of the challenges you see that get you excited for fight night?

I’m always excited about every challenge a new opponent brings. I am more comfortable at this class, and right now I’m just feeling myself out and seeing where I am. I’m excited to express myself, my skills, and represent my team. I’ve got the best brotherhood in MMA behind me, and we all grow through these fights. Every time we step into the cage we get a chance to move a little closer to that next level.

#6 Can you tell us a little about your team and where you train?

Man, Casey Collias. First day I rolled with him it was such an awesome feeling. He humbles me everyday, and yet builds me up at the same time. Met him about four years ago,and it’s been that way ever since. The whole Charleston MMA team is incredible. The coaches bring the techniques into the building but it’s the family mentality that really sets it apart. We take care of one another and evolve in that atmosphere, and everyone there is just so smart with what they do. A second home. You just have to stop by and experience it for yourself.

#7 What does Eddie Miller have on his fight camp playlist?

A lot of my brother who passed away’s music. Caught up in this whole world of violence that had no reason. Young guy man, 27, sad to see that nonsense reach out and touch us so directly. Martial arts gave me a path to walk and not be a part of that. There is something spiritual in it, and the gym can become like a sanctuary sometimes.

#8 With so many people heading to Columbia November 8th for this card, if you could leave one impression on all these fans on fight night, what would you want it to be?


I’m just going to go out there and do my best. Honestly, Eric, I get hyped up just hearing this question. I want to display my BJJ, of course, but mostly have fun. I want the fans to see that, and I think that always transitions into any crowd.

#9 As always, we would love to hear about anybody or any sponsors helping you get ready for this one.

Of course my team USAEagle and CMMA. Big Panda, Jeff Grady, Casey Collias, man all those Charleston guys. Jared Williams, all those solid people. There’s so many people that contribute to all the love and energy that goes into this, I could never name them all.They know who they are. And of course, who can forget these wild MMA fans we have down here that are so awesome and loyal to the sport and seeing it grow right here.

#10 Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us about this epic battle headed our way. Last question, whats your favorite submission and why?

Whatever mistake presents itself that I can effectively capitalize on is my favourite move. I’m a risk taker on the mat, and still able to be comfortable and think. It’s a never ending challenge and I have the drive to follow it and learn those ins-and-outs. It can become so addicting just seeing how all these elements come together or flow into one another. It sharpens the body and the mind. I think having to think and implement quickly is just something I cannot get enough of.

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