PKA Worldwide Names Stress Management & Mindfulness Expert Ulrika Eriksson VP Of Wellness

ATLANTA, GA – PKA WORLDWIDE, the legendary pioneers of American-style kickboxing and their CEO Joe Corley, often credited as one of the founding fathers of modern-day MMA, proudly announce another pillar has fallen into place in their mission to return to its leadership role in modern professional fighting by hiring stress management and mindfulness expert, Ulrika Eriksson, as Vice President of Wellness for the organization.

Eriksson has been practicing as a sound healer, yoga, yoga nidra and meditation teacher for 18 years and is now certified in those disciplines. The Swedish-born Eriksson has traveled the world as a model, actress and spokesperson for numerous brands, including but not limited to, Playboy, Bud Light, Venus swimwear, Lexus, Volvo, Royal Caribbean and MTV’s Road Rules.

The VP of Wellness will look to bring mindfulness, yoga and meditation into the daily routine of PKA WORLDWIDE’s roster of fighters to reduce stress, improve clarity and focus, bolster self-confidence and enhance performance.

“Health and wellness in combat sports involves the implementation of a consistent routine that leads to better physical and mental health,” said Eriksson. “Combat sports are extremely physical, so it’s important to give the body the rest, recovery and calm it needs in between training and fights. I am looking forward to working alongside the coaches, trainers, nutritionists and any other specialist we will have involved to make sure we support our fighters and give them the best opportunity.”

Eriksson joins a legendary lineup of combat sports veterans, event promoters and entrepreneurs who led PKA’s American-style professional kickboxing to national prominence in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s as must-watch viewing on ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN and SHOWTIME. Experts point to the period as key to the development of modern-day MMA’s mainstream popularity.

Corley, whose six-decade career in the sport has seen him evolve from champion points fighter, to a professional kickboxer, to well-known network television personality where he produced and commentated on more than 1,000 hours of championship bouts on leading cable and broadcast networks, says the addition of Eriksson will bring a special element to the approach PKA WORLDWIDE will take during the organization’s resurgence.

“It’s important to us as an organization that our fighters are well taken care of, and our VP of Wellness will play a big part in making sure that we provide the healthiest atmosphere that we can at PKA WORLDWIDE,” said Corley. “We’re excited to have Ulrika work with our athletes to help us make sure that they’re balanced physically and mentally so that they can perform at their best.”

“We want the fighters to be able to have long, healthy careers, and we believe a combination of mental health practice, meditation and mindfulness will go a long way to help them achieve their goal,” added Eriksson.

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