PKA Worldwide Offering A New Generation Of Professional Kickboxers The Chance To Stand Up And Fight

ATLANTA, GA – (July 26, 2022) — A legendary line-up of combat sports veterans, event promoters, and entrepreneurs, who led professional kickboxing to historic heights more than 40 years ago and set the stage for the spectacular growth of mixed martial arts, have joined forces to revive and reintroduce the sport of professional kickboxing.

The announcement of the Professional Kickboxing Association, expected to become a growing force in the combat sports arena, was made today by Joe Corley, Chief Executive Officer of PKA Worldwide.

Corley, often referred to by some as the founding father of modern-day MMA, first introduced the sport of professional kickboxing to the U.S. sports public nearly 50 years ago. His six-decade career in the sport has seen him evolve from a champion points fighter to a professional kickboxer, and then to Co-Owner of the Professional Karate Association (PKA) where he produced and commentated upon more than 1,000 hours of championship bouts on leading cable and broadcast networks.

Now Corley is undertaking his newest and most exciting venture.

“The remarkable growth of MMA and other combat sports for the past 20 years has convinced us that now is the perfect time to re-introduce professional kickboxing to fill a niche in the combat sports landscape,” said Corley. “The exciting striking aspect of kickboxing gives fans the elements of the sport they most want to watch – punching and kicking. Our PKA mantra is simple — Punch … Kick … Repeat. It’s what our fighters do best”

The organization has begun a national and international search to identify and sign the greatest strikers on the planet.  PKA will finally give the millions of strikers trained in kickboxing and other martial arts their own platform to fight. As a result, kickboxers who have had to compete in hybrid versions of their skillset will now have a sport of their own to exclusively showcase their punching and kicking skills on the sport’s biggest stage – the PKA Striking Cage.

“We believe that the PKA will be embraced by a wide variety of groups including current and prospective kickboxers, broadcast and streaming platforms, corporations looking to reach the massive karate, taekwondo, and kung fu audiences, and sports fans who will be enthralled with the non-stop action that our athletes and sport provides,” said Corley. “The time is now to punch, kick, repeat.”


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