Friday May 1st, 2015– PowerPlay Promotions presents World Championship Kickboxing with “PowerPlay Promotions 26” on May 2 on at the famous Melbourne Pavilion in Melbourne, Australia. The full rules Muay Thai card is sure to have the best Muay Thai fighters and kickboxers from around the globe on this card.

If you love non-stop, full-throttle striking, then “PowerPlay Promotions 26” is must-see TV. Watch as these brave warriors display the science of the eight limbs and use punches, kicks, knees and elbows all the way from Australia on May 2 as Power Play Promotions returns to GFL. Order this event exclusively at

Moulay Bekkali is one of the many stars on the “Powerplay Promotions” 26 event. The WKA Victorian Champion, and two-time WBC Victorian Champion will look to take out Ramesh Habib and earn his 20th career victory. Moulay, who is also known as the “Rockin’ Moroccan”, has been training under Joe Nader since he was a young boy. From an early age, it was evidently clear that Moulay had enormous potential as a fighter. At age 11, Moulay took to the stage on Powerplay Promotions very first fight night back in 2006. He amazed the crowd with his professionalism and skill which has carried him through to being a seasoned professional fighter. His legacy continues at “Powerplay Promotions” 26.

But that’s not all!

Don’t miss Victor Nagbe in action as well. “Hot Chili” is one of the most revered Muay Thai practitioners in the world, boasting 46 career victories. Born in Liberia, West Africa and raised in Australia, Victor was first introduced to Muay Thai at 16. As many fighters have claimed, Muay Thai soon became a necessity in Victor’s much to the same way as breathing, he proclaims. So when he finished high school, fighting became a full-time job.

Make sure to catch-all the action on May 2nd. Order this event exclusively at on

Main Event:

Victor “Hot Chili” Nagbe vs. Mike “300” Demetriou

Co-main Event:

Moulay “The Rockin Moroccan” Bekkali vs. Ramesh “Headhunter” Habib


Abbas “Golden Boy” Ahmadi vs. Yann Sandie

Andrew van der Poel vs. Chris Anderson

Luktum Tunza vs. Sing Siri

Rob “Rapid Fire” Minnitti vs. Tumay “Jammer” Humza

Tristan Papadopoulos vs. Fatih Kaya

Alex “The Great” Petroulias vs. Mael Le Marchand

Quan Trinh vs. Ben Paul

Dean Vajic vs. Lachlan Dart

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