Premier Boxing Champions on NBCSN Results & Video Highlights for BIZIER vs LAWSON & CASTILLO vs OBARA

Monday November 9, 2015– Premier Boxing Champions returned to NBCSN last SAT, NOV 07, 2015 at the Miccosukee Resort & Gaming, Miami. Below are the results and video highlights of the event.

Prior to his American debut against unbeaten slugger Fredrick Lawson, Canadian native Kevin Bizier insisted he wanted a stoppage victory. His reasoning? He wanted to leave nothing to chance. The steel-chinned 31-year-old got exactly what he wanted.

Despite fighting a previously unbeaten 147-pound rival who had scored 20 knockouts in 24 career fights, the 5-foot-9 Bizier (25-2, 17 KOs) was the one who came out and established—and sustained—tempo from the opening bell.

Evenly distributing monster shots to the jaw, temple, solar plexus and either side of the 6-foot Lawson’s body, Bizier methodically worked his way to an impressive 10th-round technical knockout victory at Miccosukee Resort & Gaming in Miami.

Bizier used a pinpoint right to the chin of Lawson (24-1, 20 KOs) to score a fifth-round knockdown. It proved to be a telling shot, as Lawson later complained to trainer Abel Sanchez of an injured jaw—one that was badly swollen and apparently broken. That injury led referee Sam Burgos to wave an end to the fight before the 11th bell sounded.

By earning the victory—which the winning fighter and his trainer insisted was a must—Bizier earned a likely title shot against English champion Kell Brook.

Despite Lawson’s impressive knockout stats, it was Bizier who sprinted out of his corner and met his opponent at ring-center in the first round. Soon after, Bizier signaled a long night for Lawson with a skin-rippling left-hook body shot.

Bizier was effective with either hand from the start, landing three clean left hands prior to the end of the first, including an uppercut that made Lawson’s legs jiggle as he returned to his corner.

Proving his toughness, Lawson landed as well, but his blows were not as potent as those of Bizier, whose penchant for getting inside and getting off first kept Lawson from gaining full extension on the majority of his blows.

In the fifth round, Bizier blasted Lawson partially through the ropes, with Burgos calling it a knockdown, determining that the ropes were all that kept Lawson on his feet.

To his credit, Lawson never officially hit the canvas. But in the end, that’s the only positive the previously unbeaten fighter could take away from a bout that Bizier thoroughly dominated.

Kevin Bizier and Fredrick Lawson
Kevin Bizier looks on after delivering a punch that sends Fredrick Lawson through the ropes, resulting in a ruled knockdown Saturday in Miami. Bizier won by 10th-round TKO. (Robert Sullivan/Premier Boxing Champions)


  • –Steel-chinned Kevin Bizier stormed out of his corner at the start and met Fredrick Lawson at ring-center. And through the first four rounds, Bizier dug to the head to body with both hands while preventing his taller opponent from gaining extension on his own shots.
  • –Proving his stamina and determination, Bizier sustained his attack after the initial assault and scored a fifth-round knockdown with a right hand that sent Lawson into ropes, which were all that kept the Ghana native on his feet. Lawson beat the count, only to be rocked yet again, but he made it to the bell.
  • –Lawson’s best round was the seventh, which he punctuated with a series of rights and lefts to his Canadian opponent’s head. But the relentless Bizier continued to pound his man, literally into submission: Sitting on his stool between the 10th and 11th rounds, Lawson complained to trainer Abel Sanchez of pain in his apparently broken—and definitely swollen—right jaw, resulting in the 10th-round technical knockout victory.
Highlights of Bizier vs Lawson:

It seemed doubtful, given the fighters’ combined concussive power, that Saturday’s 140-pound clash between Walter Castillo and Keita Obara would last the scheduled 12-round distance.

After all, Castillo—a 27-year-old Nicaraguan—had knocked out five of his previous six opponents. Even more impressively, Japan’s Obara had stopped 14 men in 16 professional fights.

As it turned out, neither Obara (15-1-1, 14 KOs) nor Castillo (26-3-1, 19 KOs) was the victor in what turned out to be a quite unlikely result: a majority draw at Miccosukee Resort & Gaming in Miami.

Despite outlanding Castillo in total punches (230-116), power shots (160-125) and jabs (70-41), Obara was denied the win on the scorecards, with one judge having it 115-113 for Obara, while the other two scored it 114-114 twice.

A gloriously chiseled 28-year-old boxer-puncher known for his mighty left hand—notably, the jab—Obara pounded Castillo from range through the middle rounds starting in the third. He also caused a nasty cut over Castillo’s right eye by the fourth; had the Nicaraguan boxer bleeding from his mouth by the sixth; and, by the 12th, bloodied Castillo’s right ear.

An evenly contested bout early on, Obara seized momentum midway through the contest. From the seventh round on, Obara morphed into a power puncher who rocked and wobbled Castillo into the ropes with combinations that caused sweat to spray from his rival’s head.

Castillo valiantly tried to turn the tables in the ninth and 10th, when he brought pressure and delivered punishment to Obara’s head and body along the ropes. Still, his opponent kept coming forward.

Prior to the start of the 11th round, the ringside doctor took a long look at the cavernous gash over Castillo’s eye prior. The fight was allowed to continue, though—a decision that turned out to be very much to Castillo’s benefit.

Walter Castillo and Keita Obara
Walter Castillo lands one of the rare body shots thrown during his 140-pound clash against Keita Obara on Saturday in Miami, The action-packed fight was declared a majority draw. (Robert Sullivan/Premier Boxing Champions)


    • – A brisk start had Keita Obara pressing and landing evenly to the head and body with his jab and left hook—that is until the momentum changed in the second round, when Walter Castillo’s left hook and right hand combinations rocked Obara backward. Obara punctuated an evenly fought third round with a crisp right uppercut in the final 10 seconds.
    • – A cut surfaced over the right eye of an undeterred Castillo in the fourth, when Obara often beat his foe to the punch, mixing in-and-out tactics with lateral movement while effectively targeting Castillo’s eye with jabs, hooks and right hands and uppercuts from range. Obara’s counters swiveled Castillo’s head in the fifth, and by the sixth, Castillo was bleeding from the mouth.
    • – Obara seemed to turn momentum in his direction midway through the bout, then capitalized on it in the seventh and eighth when he rocked Castillo with sweat-spraying rights. Obara endured ninth- and 10th-round rallies during which Castillo pressured and punished the Japanese fighter to the head and body along the ropes. Castillo’s cut grew wider and deeper in the 11th, and he bled from his right ear entering the 12th. Yet after the final bell sounded he’d done enough in the judges’ eyes to earn a majority draw.

Highlights of Castillo vs Obara:

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