Professional Fighters League Announces Bravago Bold Seltzer As Official Hard Seltzer Partner

NEW YORK – The Professional Fighters League (PFL), the fastest growing and most innovative sports league in the world, today announced that Bravago Bold Seltzer will become the Official “Hard” Seltzer of the PFL ahead of its first event of the 2022 Regular Season on April 20 at Esports Stadium Arlington in Arlington, TX. Tickets for PFL 1 are available now

As part of the multi-year partnership, Bravago will sponsor all season events on ESPN networks and streaming platforms and will be served in the Cageside Club. Additionally, Bravago will work with PFL brand ambassadors to promote upcoming events and create unique consumer facing programs for fight fans across the country. 

Bravago Bold Seltzer, co-founded by professional wrestler Bill Goldberg, is inspired by risk takers, adventurers and those who pursue a bold lifestyle. Currently available in three flavors, Chill Out (Rainier Cherry), Sweet Freak (Vanilla Orange Cream) and Sucker Punch (Strawberry Lemon), Bravago’s line of hard seltzers are uniquely formulated with natural flavors and lightly sweetened with monk fruit. They are also gluten-free, Stevia-free, low-carb,  and contain a higher alcohol-by-volume (ABV), 5.1%, than the average hard seltzer.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Bravago Bold Seltzer for upcoming PFL Seasons on ESPN networks and streaming platforms,” said PFL CRO Jon Tuck. “PFL and Bravago share the same disruptive DNA and we look forward to delivering elevated experiences together for fight fans at all of our events.” 

“To say that we’re grateful to collaborate with the PFL would be an understatement,” said Matt D’Andria, Bravago Bold Seltzer’s Founder and CEO. “This partnership comes at the right time as the PFL’s programming continues to reach new heights and Bravago is poised to become the hard seltzer of choice this summer.”


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