Professional Fighters League Announces Multi-year Deal With NXT LVL As Official Water Partner

NEW YORKThe Professional Fighters League (PFL), the fastest growing and most innovative sports league, today announced a multi-year deal with NXT LVL as the official water partner of the PFL. The partnership begins in January and spans through December, 2024. To kick off the deal, NXT LVL, an award-winning beverage company will be a presenting partner of the PFL Challenger Series, beginning this February, which will be streamed on fubo Sports Network, and lead into the 2022 PFL Regular Season.
During each PFL Challenger Series event, NXT LVL will award winning fighter’s contracts with the PFL. The contract will take the MMA careers of respective fighters to the next level in the PFL.
“The Professional Fighters League is excited to partner with NXT LVL for the 2022 Regular Season and Playoffs, and begin with the PFL Challenger Series in February, streaming exclusively on fubo Sports Network,” said PFL CRO Jon Tuck. “As we look ahead to a year full of PFL action, we want to provide our athletes with the necessary resources to perform at their best, and NXT LVL will benefit them greatly throughout the season.”
This will mark another major sports endorsement for Takeover Industries following NXT LVL’s 2021 launch. The company partnered with boxing legend Manny Pacquiao to promote the brand, and also a joint venture to facilitate NXT LVL’s plans to distribute them throughout Asia. NXT LVL also has key endorsement deals with other sports figures and Grammy award-winning rapper T-Pain for the world’s only Gamer Shot. T-Pain has an eSports team and content studio under his Nappy Boy Gaming banner.
“Our award-winning innovative performance beverage company is thrilled to work with the PFL, which is one of the fastest-growing and most innovative MMA leagues in the world,” said Toby McBride, the founder and chief executive officer of Takeover. “Our water is sourced from natural springs and infused with hydrogen and other all-natural supplements that athletes use to prepare and recover from grueling training. We’re finding consumers of all ages and ranges of fitness appreciate these same benefits from NXT LVL.”

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