Professional Fighters League Partners With Mercury To Create PFL NFT Platform And Digital Collectibles

NEW YORK– The Professional Fighters League (PFL), the fastest growing and most innovative sports league, announced today it is partnering with Mercury to develop and operate a PFL-branded NFT platform where fans can buy, trade and sell digital collectibles. Mercury, which builds white-label NFT platforms designed to give sports properties, universities, and leagues the power to create one-of-a-kind digital experiences for their fans, will also create league and fighter-inspired NFTs, with products expected to go on sale ahead of the 2022 Regular Season beginning April 20 across ESPN networks and streaming platforms. 
The digital collectibles will be available for purchase with credit cards or cryptocurrency at a to-be-announced PFL subdomain.  
“The marketplace will serve as an integral part of the PFL community and accentuates our strategy to leverage blockchain technology to build deeper engagement with our global fanbase,” said PFL CEO Peter Murray. “PFL features the best fighters in the world and we’re excited to work with Mercury to give MMA fans and collectors cutting-edge ways to connect with our star athletes.”   
“Mercury is focused on ushering in an entirely new way to follow and support your favorite sports teams and athletes,” said Mercury CEO Porter Grieve. “Partnering with widely-recognized innovators like the PFL is key to our mission to reimagine the fan experience using web3 technology.” 
Mercury partners with some of the biggest sports properties in the country to provide the best long-term solution for creating and selling NFTs to connect with their fan bases and build brand loyalty.


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