Rage in the Cage 176

Friday March 6, 2015– Rage in the Cage returns to GFL.tv on March 7 with “RITC 176” as the top fighters from around Arizona and the surrounding states do battle in Arizona’s premier MMA organization at the Comerica Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona. RITC has been a proving ground for the Southwest’s top fighters for years and years and now the world will get to see the Grand Canyon State’s next crop of champions. RITC is always stacked with several quality matchups.

For the RITC Featherweight Title, Champion David Nuzzo (6-1) battles Dock Phelps (1-3). Nuzzo is a rising prospect in Arizona for his workman-like style, strong wrestling and ground control and slick submissions. Look for Nuzzo to come forward-looking to land strikes or a takedown in the opening minutes. Nuzzo has a great ground game, even from his back, so he can afford to be a bit wild in his striking because if he is taken down he is very dangerous from the guard. Phelps stepped up to the challenge of facing Nuzzo and even though he doesn’t have the experience that Nuzzo has, Phelps is looking to shock the world and pull off the upset against the heralded Champ. Fletcher started his career off fighting anyone anywhere, and that grit and show of courage has put him in a position to walk away with gold on March 7. Expect this fight to be in the running for Fight of the Night.

In other action, Joey Miolla (4-1) fights Jose Portocarreo (4-4). Miolla has reeled off 4 wins in a row and looks to make it 5 against the hard hitting Portocarreo. Miolla is a grinder and is constantly pushing the pace and outworking his opponent in the cage. Look for Miolla to close the distance and work the clinch and dirty box Portocarreo looking to wear down Portocarreo in the final round. Portocarreo brings a solid chin and fists of fury into the cage. Portocarreo continues to come forward and is a well-rounded MMA artist. Look for Portocarreo to use angles to try to connect with some power punches from the outside and keep his spacing in the standup.

Jon Loftin (0-1) takes on Ishmael Aoki (0-0). Loftin looks to rebound and get the first win of his pro career after going 6-1 as an amateur. Loftin is a durable fighter who has a very bright career as a pro, but his back is already against the wall as he doesn’t want to go 0-2. Aoki is making his debut and not much is known about the young fighter expect that he trains with a top gym and has put in countless hours and his kicking combos are some of his best weapons.

Rage in the Cage is one of the pioneering MMA promotions in the United States. A surplus of current and past UFC fighters cut their teeth in RITC. Watch the stars of tomorrow compete today as “RITC 176” comes to you live on March 7 on GFL.tv.

Mar 07, 2015 10:30 PM EST
Comerica Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona

Main Event:

David Nuzzo vs. Dock Phelps

Co-main Event:

Drakkar Klose vs. Preston Harris


Raylen Davis vs. Billy “The Puerto Rican Assassin” Colon

Edwin Louis vs. Chris Collins

Patrick Oskvarek vs. Sheldon Miller

Deon Clash vs. Tim Landess

Josh Madrigal vs. Clayton Carpenter

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