Raise Your Flag For Boosted Odds At Raisedbet

LONDON, United Kingdom – The world’s premium sports betting platform, Raised Bet, is offering an opportunity that is not to be missed. Sports bettors now have a chance to boost their odds and enjoy a higher probability of success when wagering on their favourite local MMA fighters.

Bettors have a chance to win big on key fights from the following regions: Africa, Poland, Canada, Ireland, Brazil, Sweden and Russia. These make up the core territories that are said to only be Phase 1 of the Raise Your Flag campaign.

Raise Your Flag is a targeted campaign that offers boosted odds to countries where some of the freshest MMA talents can be seen. Raised Bet offers the highest odds on UFC and other MMA events. With odds boosted up to 20% for PFL, UFC, EFC and Bellator this weekend, new and registered users of Raised Bet can expect to reap great returns should their local predictions prove to be winners.

Jason Van Schalkwyk, the founder of Raised Bet says, “We’re very excited to be launching this campaign and look forward to seeing the impact it has on what we see as the hotbeds of MMA like Brazil and Africa.”

Avid and novice bettors can turn fortune in their favour by taking advantage of these superior odds boosts through Raised Bet. Simply visit www.raisedbet.com in your country and raise your flag.


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