Report – Paulo Costa arrested in Belo Horizonte following alleged altercation with nurse at vaccination clinic

Paulo Costa
Mandatory Credit: Jeff Bottari – Zuffa LLC

UFC middleweight contender Paulo Costa has reportedly been arrested in Belo Horizonte, Brazil after being alleged to have elbowed a nurse at a vaccination clinic following a dispute after attempting to secure a vaccine card proving his immunization against COVID-19. 

Costa, a native of the Minas Gerais region, is alleged, as per an initial report by outlet, G1 Globo, to have elbowed a nurse at a vaccination clinic in Belo Horizonte, resulting in his arrest and booking into police custody. 

The #4 ranked middleweight contender is alleged to have attempted to obtain a vaccine card proving his immunization against the novel coronavirus, however, staff maintained Costa was yet to receive a vaccine providing him with immunization, while the latter insists he is, in fact, vaccinated against COVID-19.

It is alleged that Costa then attempted to leave the vaccination clinic with the vaccine card, and when staff attempted to stop him, he is alleged to have elbowed a nurse.

The nurse in question did not require medical attention following the alleged altercation, however, complained of swelling to her lips as a result of the alleged elbow she had received. 

“The card was filled out,” Municipal Guard, Marco Mota said. “The workers said that, at the time of application, he (Paulo Costa) did not accept to be vaccinated, he wanted to leave with the card and they did not accept it. At that moment, a nurse was elbowed.” 

“He (Paulo Costa) said he got the vaccine, but the nurses didn’t let him go out with the card,” Mota continued as he described Paulo Costa’s version of alleged events. “He said it generated stress, he took the card and left. At that moment, a nurse grabbed him by the arm and he broke free. He doesn’t speak (of) elbow.”

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