Research says sports is a must for every student

Sport is very important for every human. Even though the percentage of exercising decreases as we age, some people continue to have an active life even after retirement. But sports has benefits not only for elders but for youngsters too. Many people see exercise as a way to keep fit or a method to lose weight. But sports comes with more than this. It comes with benefits not only for your physical health but for your wellbeing and mental health too.

When in college, you surely want to improve your studying skills to meet all the academic demands and accomplish your goals. Writing essays, personal statements, assignments, researching, and so on requires attention, effort, perseverance, and determination. It requires critical thinking, organization, and time management. And it may seem that these soft skills have nothing to do with sports or vice versa. But research says that sports are a must for every student. Let’s find out why.

It Lowers Stress Levels

Stress is an essential part of everyone’s life. Even though the great majority of people have a bad opinion on stress, in fact, it has an adaptive function. Stress helps you gather all your forces and direct them to solve a certain problem or issue. However, the levels of stress many students experience during college years are simply too high. They need to share their attention between academic and personal life. Time is limited and simply the thought that you will not submit all your essays or research papers in time will stress you. Besides checking a custom research paper writing site and asking for help, you can start practicing sports. Research has shown that any kind of physical activity, be it basketball, yoga, jogging, or aerobics can lower stress levels. This is because sports urge you to focus on the task you are doing. It helps you forget about what bothers you and take a break to focus on yourself and your internal world.

After a good sports session, you will feel happier and joyful; this is because exercise triggers the release of endorphins. Endorphins are also known as the “feel-good hormones” that come with those feelings of euphoria, joy, and happiness. Your mood and wellbeing will be boosted and you will adopt a more positive perspective.

It Improves the Quality of Your Sleep

Sleep is known to have an excellent function of regenerating the body and replenishing its energy levels. But while being a student, sleep is not seen as something necessary. Instead, it is seen as something you do not need so much. A night of poor sleep affects your functioning for the whole day. You will be tired and sleepy and have trouble finding your focus and concentration. Your mood will also be negatively affected. After a prolonged period of having poor sleep, people experience symptoms of anxiety and depression. Simply put, you cannot function properly if you do not sleep well.

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Some students might be stressed and this could prevent them from falling asleep. Others might intentionally delay sleeping because they need to finish their assignments and tasks. There could be many reasons why you would think that not sleeping enough is a good decision. But it is easier to be productive and efficient after you rest. To get a good night’s sleep, exercising is the solution. Your body will feel the need to replenish its energy levels, so you will fall asleep easier and faster.

It Develops Your Soft Skills

We will learn a lot of things and develop ourselves as long as we are alive. Students are involved in an active process of developing and improving their skills, an implicit process. Each task you get during college aims to help you improve some of your skills and develop your perspective. Sometimes, you may need to work in a team. And for a team to be successful, it needs to collaborate efficiently and be cohesive.

It needs a leader, but it also needs team members that know the value of teamwork. Well, if you choose to practice a team sport, you will develop and improve many of these skills. While playing football or basketball in a team, you need to collaborate with your team members. Synchronization is key, but teamwork and leadership too. These are just a few of the skills you develop if you play sports, skills that will be useful not only for your college life but for your future career too.

Ending Note

Even though many people see sports as just a way to keep fit and healthy or lose weight, sports come with more than this. Its benefits are not only on a physical level but on a psychological one too. And research says that sports are a must for every student.

Why? Because it helps you lower your stress levels and it boosts your mood and wellbeing. Because it improves the quality of your sleep in a time where we all know that poor sleep is something normal. Because it develops your soft skills that will be essential not only during college years but for your future career and personal life too. Sports has many benefits and practicing it regularly will help you see and feel those positive effects.

Bio lines: Paul Calderon is a content and essay writer. He is passionate about basketball, tennis, and yoga. Paul promotes the benefits of sports and exercising through his informative and educational articles.


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