Results of the 3rd edition of the Itaberaí Open Fight event

The third edition of Itaberaí Open Fight (IOF) was held on February 12 in the city of Itaberaí, in the state of Goiás, in the Brazilian Midwest.

In this edition there was one professional MMA fight, five Muay-Thai fights, four K1 fights, seven Karate fights and one NO GI fight. The fights were held at Dojo Talismã Fight, below check the complete results of the Itaberaí Open Fight 3rd edition event.

Itaberai Open Fight 3rd edition
February 12, 2022
Itaberai, Goiás, Brazil
Location: Talisman Fight Dojo

Official Results


Felipe Fernandes X Bernardo Baruc.
Champion Felipe Fernandes 4 to 3

Isadora Moiana vs Emily Santos
Champion Emily Santos 4 to 2

Heitor Lacerda X João Victor
Champion João Victor 4 a1

Pedro Henrique Brito. X Joshua Lúcio
Champion Joshua Lucio 4 to 3

Joao Victor de Salles vs Jhunior Santos
Champion João Victor de Salles 4 to 2

Beatriz Camelo vs Paulo Cesar Morais
Champion Beatriz Camelo 4 to 2

Maurício Martins X Jorcelino Sebastião
Champion Maurício Martins 4 to 3

Muay Thai

Diego Rodrigues X Pedro Santos –
Champion Diego Rodrigues – split decision

Paulo Henrique X José Vladimir de Jesus
Champion Paulo Henrique – 3rd round TKO

Victor Hugo Alves X Gabriel Henrique
Champion Gabriel Henrique – knockout at 01:10 of the 1st round

Mikael Salles X Matheus Balbino.
Champion Mikael Salles – TKO at 40 seconds of the 1st round

Full Contact
Herald Martin X Lucas Borges.
Champion Lucas Borges – Points

José Luiz Galvao vs Matheus Felipe.
Champion Matheus Felipe – knockout at 35 seconds of the 1st round

Diego Rodrigues vs Rodrigo Pereira.
Champion Diego Rodrigues – TKO at 01:20 of the 2nd round

No Gi
Junior Silva X João Bosco de Souza. –
A tie

belt disputes

Carlos Augusto X Shauan of peace. –
Champion Carlos – TKO at 01:50 of the 3rd round

Muay Thai
Elieferson Diogo X Luciano dos Santos –
Champion Elieferson Diogo – split decision

Venino Tulio X Francisco Adriano –
Champion Venino Tulio – Armbar Submission) at 04:30 of the 1st round


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