RFA: Resurrection Fighting Alliance 35 Recap

February 19, 2016 RFA/Showdown

Wednesday February 24, 2015— RFA 35 was at the UCCU Center in Orem, Utah on Saturday night and was broadcasted live on AXS TV. Below you can find the official results and video highlights of the event. For the Official Results and Video Highlights click here. Photographs of this event coming soon.

As soon as Moises submitted Castillo on Friday nights RFA/showdown card the finish went viral. The helicopter arm bar was pretty impressive to see in person. Castillo was looking good until Moises landed a right upper cut, followed by a knee, which lead to Castillo going for a take down. From his back Moises got a beautiful sub. However before those two warriors took the cage many other great fights took place. It all started with the amateurs. 

The first two Ammy fights went to decisions. 155 lb McKinley Smith was victorious against Race Sawyer. The next was Justus Minardi and Cezly Collard at flyweight. Collard got the decision although many in attendance didn’t agree.

The only Ammy to get a stoppage was Johan Rubio who is now 6-0. Rubio a Marine, who fights out of Jeremy Horns Elite Performance won by second round TKO.

How do you feel about your performance?

“It felt good, my cardio felt better than ever, my energy levels felt amazing, and I felt I was moving well. There’s still things I need to work on but that’ll come with more training and time.”

When it comes to this last fight, did it go as planned ? Or did anything surprise you?

“Well I knew his stand up was going to be good, I was expecting a very tough fighter. So I worked a lot with my teammate Eduardo Rivera on tightening up my stand up, takedowns and ground and pound. I feel it went very on point with our plans.”

How did you end up at Jeremy Horns gym?

“Well I was looking for a long time for a good MMA gym, and luckily the very FIRST time I went to try out Elite Performance Jeremy Horn was actually teaching the beginners class which I didn’t expect at all, he is a very good coach who will spend one on one time with anyone, whether your new or experienced he’ll be there to help.”

Why the wait on turning pro?

“The best thing for me this early in my career is experience, so the more experience I have before going pro the better.”

The heavy weight pros took the cage next, with Jared Toothaker taking on Fernando Sanchez. Sanchez over powered Toothaker for the majority of the fight, keeping him pressed against the cage. Eventually getting a stoppage by the ref due to strikes. Winning his pro debut.

Finishing up the undercard was light weights David Allred and Jordan Clements. After an accidental eye poke by Clements, Allred was cleared by Doctor to continue. Within seconds of a return to action Clements dropped Allred and got the win by TKO.

Kicking off the AXS televised main card was LJ Schulz ️vs Ricky Steele. A 3 round battle which included stand up and grappling. Both attempting subs and landing some heavy shots. Steele got the win by decision.

After his win Steele took time to speak with me.

“I felt good for this fight, I knew he would be tough but I mean was a really tough opponent”

I see your on crutches, you have had some foot injuries is it your foot? Was it from the leg lock attempt?

“No, it’s my ankle, he checked a kick and I hit his elbows couple times.”

What’s next for you?

“Just get back in the gym after I heal and work, hopefully get some big fights.”

Welter weight James Nakashima dismantled Brad Darrington over 3 rounds to get a win via decision. Although it has to be said that Darrington has a solid chin and tons of heart.

Up next was local favorite One Hit Mma fighter Joe Rodriguez ️vs Dervin Lopez. After a couple minutes of back and forth, Lopez dropped Rodriguez to get the win by first round tko.

Heavy weights Curtis “razor” Blaydes got a win against Luis Cortez in a dominate performance by Blaydes. He controlled almost 3 full rounds.
Eventually getting a stoppage due to double hammer fists.

Were you surprised that the fight wasn’t stopped sooner?

“I was a little surprised but in hindsight after watching the full recording I wasn’t causing enough damage to warrant an early stoppage”

Any surprises with this fight? Anything you prepared for and he didn’t do, or he did you weren’t expecting?

“I was surprised by how tentative he was on our feet he tried counter a lot more than I’d originally expected. He was certainly a tough guy and by far my most durable professional opponent. Overall the fight went as I’d visualized with myself pressuring him into takedowns and gassing him out, the TKO was what I wanted”

When you get back in the gym is there anything specific you want to work on?

“Continuing working on my striking that’s where I need the most development I’m honestly not concerned when it comes to grappling I feel ill usually come out on top somehow but if I can keep progressing on my feet then that’ll just make me more dangerous and a more complete fighter which is what the UFC likes”

What’s next for you? Any fights your hoping to get?

“No I don’t really think about specific opponents, the goal is to be in the UFC and contend for the belt so whoever I have to fight to make it happen I will”

In the co main event of the evening Thiago Alves took on David Putvin. Putvin had the most over the top mma entrance ever. Carried out in a coffin by his team, he emerged from it dressed as Dracula, fake blood and all. The crowd then waited for him to remove his get up before the action could start. Once under way it was action packed with several sub attempts a couple questionable stand ups (in my humble opinion) and Thiago won all 3 rounds. Now advancing his record to 10-3.

In the main event, well we have all seen how it went. All in all it was a great night of fights. Some of which were under appreciated by the strangely quiet crowd at the UCCU Center. It was an honor to cover this event. As a huge fan of submissions that helicopter arm bar will stay with me forever as one of the most awesome finishes ever. Dare I say it? Rematch Castillo vs Moises 2 …please?

Make sure to follow FightBookMMA.com for more in-depth articles with some of the evenings winners.

By: Korey Lane



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