Richard Torrez takes home Silver Medal

Uzbekistan’s Bakhodir Jalolov, left, celebrates his victory over Richard Torrez Jr. in the super heavyweight final.

Richard Torrez amazing Olympic journey clock struck midnight as he came up short against rival Bakhodir Jalolov of Uzbekistan.

Torrez came out the gates hot showing Jalolov that he wasn’t the same fighter that got KO’d in 2019. Torrez easily won rnd 1. But Torrez struggled in rnd 2 and as Jalolov made the necessary adjustments. Jalolov landed a stiff left hand that stumbled Torrez causing the ref to give Torrez a standing 8, Torrez also received a hard warning from the ref taking a point away from Torrez. The 3rd rnd was a lot of jabbing and grabbing and laying on Torrez in the final rnd, Jalolov was warned for holding but no hard warning point loss were issued. The third rnd only seen Jalolov landing a few stiff jabs and one decent left hand but it was enough in the judges eyes to give it to Jalolov. Jalolov wins the Super Heavyweight Gold medal in boxing the first time in Uzbekistan history they have a Super Heavyweight gold medalist.

The Super Heavyweight Gold drought continues not since 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles when Tyrell Biggs won the gold has American won it. Last American Boxer any weight class to win gold was Andre Ward in the 2004 Olympics. The USA Boxing Team showed great improvements this Olympics i cannot wait to see what the future holds for Team USA Boxing in the 2024 Olympics.

I’m hoping to have a few I’ve trained to be on that team Jacy Elizodo, Anthony Vasquez and River Free keep your eyes open for these kids we are looking to make waves real soon. On a final note Richard Torrez I know it hurts now all the hard work, all the sacrifice to come up short. But trust us America is proud of you as you represented it well.

Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images


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