RIZIN FF June 20th press conference fighter quotes and video replay

After a successful kickoff into the year of 2018, RIZIN Fighting Federation will be holding their second event, also the first event of 3 back to back events. RIZIN. 11 on July 29th, RIZIN. 12 on August 12th and RIZIN. 13 on September 30th. Fighter Quotes from the press conference.

Rin Nakai

“I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be able to fight in RIZIN once again. I have been watching RIZIN on TV and have been inspired every time.”

“Everybody please come support RIZIN, come to the event, watch it on TV, and please root for me”

“Sugiyama is a great role model for Japanese women’s MMA and I respect her for what she has done, but for the fight, I am going in the ring to defeat my opponent.”

Shizuka Sugiyama

“I am grateful that RIZIN gave me this opportunity again. I have had my ups and downs, I have been away from the sport, but I came back. Every time I fight, I go in there thinking it will be my last fight. Rin Nakai is about the same age, same experience, but many people think I am the big underdog. I will go in there and take the challenge and overcome it.”

Bruno Carvalho

“I train with the best strikers in Brazil. I am going to rip Yachi’s head off in Nagoya and bring it back to Brazil.”

Yusuke Yachi

“I am very honored to be headlining a RIZIN event. I know what I have to do, and I will promise to deliver.”

“My opponent is another fighter sent from Wanderlei, and he looks scary and is saying creepy things. I will train hard and will be ready to take on another tough Brazilian striker.”

Kaitlin Young

“I’m very excited to be able to be fighting in Japan. Many of my friends have fought there and has had nothing but good things to say, so I am really looking forward for this experience.”

“My opponent is 10 years younger than me, but I am still young. I have the overall experience and this fight will be a typical grappler vs striker. This fight will be the old wolf taking on the young lion.”

King Reina

“What is my opponent’s record? I don’t know who she is.”

“I have been working on my standup for my upcoming fight in Shoot Boxing. I think this will work out perfectly for my opponent, which I guess is a striker.”

“The fact that my opponent is older than me means that I am better. I can’t see myself losing what so ever.”

Hatsu Hioki

“I debated about returning to the ring, but this is a big event in my home town against a young up and coming opponent. At the end of the day, there was no reason for me to turn down the fight.”

“My opponent is tough, unorthodox and very strong.”

Mikuru Asakura

“People tend to take me lightly just because I am coming out of the outsider, but I am going to use this opportunity to prove every body wrong. My opponent is an extremely experienced and has significant accomplishments, and I can’t wait to knock him out in my home town.”

“My opponent is good in the clinch and on the ground, but I don’t plan on being taken down, so this will be a very exciting fight.”

Roque Martinez

“I’m very happy to be coming back to Japan to fight. My last fight against Jerome, I couldn’t showcase my striking skills, but for this one I promise that everybody will get to see my superior boxing skills in a stand up war”

Samurai Mark Hunt

“I am extremely excited to be able to fight on the dream stage and am nothing but grateful for the people who worked to get me this opportunity. I take pride in never turning down an offer. I have agreed to every fight that has been offered to me, including 3 day notice fights. I come to fight, I come to scrap. I promise fireworks against Roque. I hope we can deliver something better than Takayama vs Frye.”

Ryuichiro Sumimura

“I would like to fight for the victims who suffered losses in the earthquake that happened this week.”

“My opponent is telling me that I’m just a regional level guy, but there is a reason why I carry 3 belts in 3 different organizations. He says I have no ground, only striking, but he will understand why I don’t need any ground when he meets my fists with his face.”

Strasser Kiichi

“I have competed at an international level for a long time. I will show everybody the difference between an international fighter and regional king of the hill.”

“My opponent doesn’t have any ground, and heavily relies on his striking. But I am confident in my striking as well, so I will play his game, stand with him and knock him out.”

Yuki Motoya

“I have a fight in 10 days, but I plan to win that fight and get myself back in the RIZIN ring.”

“I trained over at Chute Box Academy in Brazil for about 50 days, and I want to show what I have learned and how I have changed as a fighter.2

Kanako Murata

“My eye is good. The doctor cleared me to train, so I have been training non-stop for about 2 weeks.”

“2 years ago, I made my MMA debut in Nagoya, so I am excited to be able to fight there again.”

“Regardless of who my opponent is, I will put on a fight and show that I have been evolving as a fighter.”


Kyoji Horiguchi vs Hiromasa Ogikubo

Kanna Asakura vs Rena Kubota

Jiri Prochazka vs Bruno Cappelozza

Saori Ishioka vs Miyuu Yamamoto

Takanori Gomi vs Andy Souwer

Rin Nakai vs Shizuka Sugiyama

Doors open at 1:30PM with Opening Ceremony at 3:00PM on Sunday July 29th at the Saitama Super Arena. International tickets can be purchased at www.stubhub.com.


Yusuke Yachi vs Bruno Carvalho

Hatsu Hioki vs Mikuru Asakura

Roque Martinez vs Samurai Mark Hunt

Reina Miura vs Kaitlin Young

Strasser Kiichi vs Ryuichiro Sumimura

Yuki Motoya vs TBD

Kanako Murata vs TBD

Doors open at 2:00PM with Opening Ceremony at 3:00PM on Sunday July 29th at the Dolphins Arena (Aichi Gymnasium). International tickets can be purchased at www.stubhub.com from July 8th.

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